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Learning Management System (LMS) or self paced tutorials is an E learning platform that manages complex databases for delivering courseware and e-tutoring through the internet. It manages curriculum, materials, evaluation tools, employee registration and record keeping with digital frameworks.

LMS is the billion dollar industry that enables administering training to huge groups of learners through the web based educational environment. Self-paced tutorials serve as an influential tool for developing electronic coursework. (MPT), incepted in 2002, is a benchmark online educational portal offering a meeting platform for students, tutors, coaching classes and tutorial centers. Through its efficient functioning, the brand has its presence in 12 countries with 50 thousand students and 66000+ monthly web visitors only for India.

Through its self paced and video tutorials trainers can now avail a wide student range. Enthusiastic students, seeking to accomplish their dreams, can choose from the miscellaneous courses that aptly suits their necessity. Trainers can create and produce their study materials in digital format through Word Docs, Excel Sheets, PDF, PPT Slides, Graphical Presentations or infographics, Screen Capturing Videos etc.


Self Paced Tutorial of My Private Tutor

MPT offers the glorious opportunity for creating your online Self Paced Tutorials using Learning Management System (LMS) and promoting it through our platform. Tutors with experience and expertise in this domain can create a course and its modules on varied subjects and segments with in-depth research work and proper analysis.

Self paced tutorial find great usability and prove to be advantageous for professionals for varied key reasons such as:

  • Lessons offered in a consolidated format
  • Streamlining the course materials and the learning format
  • Reduces learning costs
  • Saves lot of time and can be studied as per choice and availability of time
  • Uninterrupted learning procedure
  • Customizing the content as per the requirement of the student

My Private Tutor offers the best prospects with the site’s presence in several countries like India, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Philippines and Qatar. Presently tutors can promote their self paced courses in India and gradually with time as the website spreads its horizons the courses can attain exposure to several students and professionals of other countries.

The MPT offers the following guidelines and scope for framing and uploading your courses:

  • Choose a popular topic or subject making use of skill sets and information available
  • Plan and design a tutorial, breaking it on different modules with number of files
  • Designing and creating documents, video files, PPT, MCQ, arranging it sequentially
  • Uploading of full study materials in the LMS all for FREE
  • Tutorial submission with full curriculum details, accessing URL
  • Set your tutorial price
  • Once purchased MPT will provide the customer details
  • `Strong support from the team

Contact Students through My Private Tutor

My Private Tutor’s specialized team with proficiency in online marketing coordinates on your behalf with the students enquiring about their requirements and promoting your courses. The team shall regularly follow up with them; speak about the course generating interest in them, addressing their numerous queries and concerns.

Once the tutor uploads the tutorial and it is LIVE in our platform, the team shall actively begin promoting it through various networks such as Internet Promotion, Social Network Promotion, Newsletter Distribution, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click etc.

After Sales Support

After a student purchases the tutorial the trainers can answer the queries of the students within a stipulated time period through email or other form. The timely response and interaction increases chances of achieving more positive reviews and attain referrals and more purchases.

LMS is now fast evolving to meet the current technological advancements and educational challenges. With majority of work process being digitized most people are equipped with laptops, desktops, smartphones, iPad that enable them to avail benefits of technology for effective and fast learning process. The rising demands and the benefits reflect a bright and progressive future of LMS.

Post your tutorial today with My Private Tutor and get access to a wide base of students.


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