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Steps to Finding an Excellent Tutor

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment, in other words, it is a class that is received via the Internet and that creates an adequate space for communication and distance learning. You can access this learning environment via software by downloading and running a file on y

Jan 16, 2019 Parenting Help
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How to Motivate Students: Top 7 Ways

The ultimate goal of any learning process is the desired learning outcome. Students need to pay maximum attention in order to succeed. However, students tend to have a short concentration span especially at the beginning of a semester. It is necessary for teachers to possess the power to know how

Jul 27, 2018 Parenting Help
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How to Turn Your Introvert Child into A More Social Being with The Help of Cricket

Humans are social beings. Living in isolation is not our nature. Still, many people shy away from being in public and keep themselves away from socialization. They are comfortable in their world. We often call them “introverts.” Socialization presents the tools to bridge the

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What After 10th? - A Brief Presentation on What To Do After Class 10

10th standard is very important for Indian students. They decide their near future and choose the stream in which they want to carry their career forward. The following tips will help you to select the right stream for yourself.

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Qualities to look for in a math tutor [Infographic]

Finding a Math tutor with qualities that you want is difficult. We have put together some information in the below infographic which will come handy for you to find a perfect Math tutor.

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The Battle Between ICSE and CBSE [PPT]

The two most popular educational boards in India are ICSE and CBSE. It is always a question for parents as to which one’s better. This presentation will throw some light and help you understand which board is better for your child.

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Ways to Ensure Children Do Not Miss Studies During the Monsoons [PPT]

Tips for students to not miss their studies in monsoon. This PPT can throw more light on the matter.

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5 Students’ Special Ideas for a Better New Year [PPT]

Students are usually more into studies, coaching, here are some tips on how to make students New Year better. In the PPT there are ways in which the general life and academic of a Student can improve.