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India and its great story of Mathematics

India has been the land of some extremely advanced mathematical discoveries. Even before 1000 BCE, the early Vedic mantras invoked powers of ten from a single hundred to a trillion. India is a place where the application of arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, squares, fractions, roo

Oct 23, 2019 Indian Education News
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What I Wish I Had Learned At High School – A Case Study

As a high school senior who is graduating in less than 80 days, there are many things I wish I would’ve learned at an earlier age. In our childhood education we were taught how to multiply and divide, to always capitalize the first word in a sentence, and the number of states in India. Howe

Sep 19, 2019 Indian Education News
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Pros and Cons of Self Study vs Group Study

The phase of studying is that everyone goes through in his or her lifetime for more than once. It does not matter with age or experience, no matter which age it is the process of learning and studying remains the same. Students, per say have a hard time finding the correct place and concentration

Sep 05, 2019 Indian Education News
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The Different Learning Styles - Find Out Which One Suits You The Best [PPT]

THE DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES - FIND OUT WHICH ONE SUITS YOU THE BEST INTRODUCTION: Different students have different learning styles. Some might learn well through&nbs

Aug 31, 2019 Indian Education News
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Why Can't I Do My Homework: Find The Best Assignment Help

Many students ask themselves “Why can’t I do my homework?”.Homework is one of the hardest challenges we encounter in school and college. Especially it’s true for math sciences, physics, chemistry, and other hard subjects. When it comes to homework, the best thing to do is

Aug 27, 2019 Indian Education News
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Teachers stand against the Education policy of the Delhi Government

Thousands of teachers in Delhi took to the streets in a clear mutiny with what they called the ‘saffronization’ of the education by the PM Modi’s government. The teachers called for a free and affordable education and dignified employment  and to reserve the right to educat

Jul 21, 2019 Indian Education News
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CBSE Class 10, 12 results to be announced early this year

Image & News Source: With reference to the latest declaration by the CBSE, the results of both Class 10 and 12 Boards will be declared early this year. 31,14,831 candidates have registered for the CBSE Exam this year. 1819077 of which are boys an

Jul 14, 2019 Indian Education News
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Changes in Medical Education in India

The government plans to recognize postgraduate medical degrees from even Russia and China. This will come as a huge relief to doctors who go to these countries for their higher education. At present, only postgraduate and undergraduate degrees of only the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Jul 06, 2019 Indian Education News