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What Makes Sangeet Sadhana Different Compared To Any Other Music Institution In Bangalore

Music is the only language that everybody understands all across the world. In today’s modern world, youngsters are more inclined to learn contemporary music, like pop, jazz, or hip hop. They consider Indian classical music irrelevant, old-fashioned, and boring. But Sangeet Sadhana is chang

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Most Unique Martial Arts Forms In India You Need To Know!

The traditional games and ancient culture of India have a long history. Martial art is an integral part of the culture and games. The traditional martial arts originally started in the most beautiful south India. Martial arts got different forms and names in other regions in Bharat/Indi


Top 3 Qualities of a Good Music Tutor

Online tutoring has become a trend to learn anything and everything – be it any subject or some art form or instrument. But the problem is, at present, a handful of tutors are available which makes the selection of a good tutor very difficult for the learners. This problem is more visible i

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Can A Person Join Dance Class In India At An Older Age?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can join dance class at any age if you are willing to stay fit, learn the awesome moves and be happy. There is no specific age to learn dance. Though, most of the time, kids or individuals who are very young get enrolled in dance school, yet older people like middle a

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A Guide to Become A Dancer in India

Dance is a crucial part of celebrations in India from time immemorial. In any party, be it an award ceremony or wedding or birthday, etc., dance is a mandatory in all. Dance is considered as essential part of Indian culture. Classical and folk dance are typical forms that originated in this count

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Top Dance Schools in India That Can Build Your Child’s Career in Dance

“Dance is a way of exploring life” -Ramona Jacobs Dance is passion for some people, whereas many others take it as profession. Everyone can dance in his or her own way. Today, dance has evolved into a glorious form of communication. Degree courses have been introduced focusi

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Can Dance Classes Help in Mental Stimulation?

A creative outlook on life is essential for happiness. Dance lessons can bestow and enhance the creativity that stimulates both body and mind. With the increasing tension and stress, many parents are enrolling their kids in a dance class for their overall development. Let’s see ho

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Is it possible to learn dance by attending online dance classes?

Dance is one of the crucial medium to express emotions. It is considered as the language of the soul. It brings people together irrespective of diversity. Doctors often recommends dance therapy for patients who are mentally distressed. Dancing has made its way through pre-historic ances