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What Are the Top Uses of C++?

Technology is developing rapidly, and the usage of different software is also in high demand. It is difficult for a non-technical person to know how things work, how materials are stored in the cloud, and how the games are so fast and wonderful. It is the computing language that is responsible fo

Aug 29, 2022 Professional Training

Popular Programming Languages to Learn

Programming is the need of this hour and to become a programmer, one has to master one or more programming languages. But the problem is different programming languages available at present. Freshers and the candidates finding a career switch, cannot figure out the most fruitful programming langu

Jul 02, 2021 Professional Training
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5 Healthy and Easy to Make Recipes For Students in Hostels

There is no denying the fact that food is a really important factor in our lives. Unfortunately, in the constant rush of life, many of us often forget to pay attention to what we are eating. Especially when you, as a student, are living away from home, junk food replaces healthy home-cooked food,

Jun 15, 2020 Professional Training
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How The Great Gatsby Can Help You Learn to Write

Any English student will be expected to read The Great Gatsby at college. It’s a classic novel that is not only a great story but has many lessons we can learn about writing, fiction and even screenplays. Do you know what they are? We are going to take a look at the work of F. Scott Fitzger

Oct 23, 2019 Professional Training
Team LearnPick

A Quick Glance at Modern Cyber Security Certification Training

Since the inception of the internet, the IT industry and the virtual world have taken many leaps forward in terms of advancement. On one hand, the boom has made many concepts and principles possible; it has also given rise to many threats as well. Cyber attacks amongst the major one. &nbsp

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Career Scope for a Fashion Designer in Mumbai

Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world - and for all the right reasons - followed by cities like New York, London, Milan, Barcelona, and Berlin. All the new trends stem out from Paris, and the rest of the world follow suit. But, what if India too has a fashion capital? Which

Apr 16, 2019 Professional Training
Team LearnPick

What is Mobile Journalism?

The various avenues opened by the domain of Journalism have always presented themselves as an exciting and engrossing career path for individuals dissatisfied with the lifestyle and demands of a corporate management career. Journalism serves as a platform for writing and research enthusiasts who

Mar 28, 2019 Professional Training
Erica Fleming

Why the Better is the Enemy of the Good?

Traits of any business leader or entrepreneur can bring a positive impact to the company for which making the best decisions can prove to be of great benefit. Without the ideal marketing techniques and approaches, no brand or company wi

Mar 27, 2019 Professional Training