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How To Remember 90% Of Anything You Have Learnt, Be It A Skill, Language Or Subject

Whether you’re learning a new instrument, skill, language, or sport, we've all wanted to speed up things up as much as possible. But then, there are only 24 hours in a day. And your human brain has only a certain degree of ability. You simply cannot remember all the stats, fac

Aug 21, 2019 LearnPick Updates
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20 Of the Most Heartfelt Quotes to Celebrate The Mother’s Day

Our mothers taught us so many amazing and important lessons in our lives. She raised us to be the best in almost all aspects starting from education to courtesy, to behavior, and everything in between. They gave their all to instill values in our lives and the least we can do is to appr

May 08, 2019 LearnPick Updates
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Importance of Pi in Mathematics

Pi is an important concept that appears in all aspects of maths. It is a crucial concept that helps to understand the universal truths and some mathematical concepts. Mostly pi values are used in concepts like trigonometry, geometry and advanced concepts like probability, statistics, and complex

Mar 19, 2019 LearnPick Updates
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RICS School of Built Environment (SBE) vs NICMAR: What is the ideal choice for you?

One of the central aspects of the urban Indian dream is to make cities work, by raising people’s economic standards and lifestyles. Sustainable construction, high-quality infrastructure, and better real estate are not just excellent career prospects in a rapidly urbanizing India, but they a

Jan 30, 2019 LearnPick Updates
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Top MBA colleges in the World 2019

Do you want to study an MBA internationally? Top Universities has launched the ranking of the best Global MBA of 2019, which includes universities and business schools around the world. Among them, there are many business schools, with three of them entering the top 10 positions at the European l

Jan 16, 2019 LearnPick Updates
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Incorporation of pre-school is not an easy task and it requires proper research and planning for establishment. You have to choose a good location for establishment of school and you have to get non-objection certificate from local authority.  This article talks about incorporation of pre-sc

Jan 15, 2019 LearnPick Updates
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On-demand Learning Marketplace - LearnPick’s New Endeavor Sees Daylight

When you are trying your best to give your grades a boost before applying for college or are struggling with a low GPA, you will likely want some quick help to get you back on track without straining your wallet. LearnPick has come up with an

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A Comprehensive List of English Proverbs to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

The use of proverbs in writing helps in augmenting the power of your arguments and also plays a crucial role in making them appear more convincing to your readers. It’s for this reason alone we would re