Importance of Pi in Mathematics

Mar 19, 2019


Pi is an important concept that appears in all aspects of maths. It is a crucial concept that helps to understand the universal truths and some mathematical concepts. Mostly pi values are used in concepts like trigonometry, geometry and advanced concepts like probability, statistics, and complex numbers. The notation to denote pi is \(\pi\) . If you ask any scientist about pi, they will tell that the value of pi equal to the decimal value 3.14159. But when you ask a mathematician, they will tell that pi is a value which is equal to circle circumference divided by the circle diameter. It is a well recognized mathematical constant used all over the world. In ancient times it is used as a secret code for some confidential works. Since a circle consisting of 360 degrees and pi is used to denote that 360 degrees of a circle and it is referred to as “ circular constant “.

Most of the people are confused and they arise a question of whether pi is an irrational number or not. It always makes the biggest confusion. Some people used to approximate the value of pi as 22/7 and some people take the value as 3.14159. The answer to this question is Pi is an irrational number and the value of pi is included in rational numbers. But there is no difference between the number \(\pi\)  and the value of \(\pi\) . People will consider that pi is irrational and when it approximately equals to 22/7 is considered as rational. The value of pi is normally dependent on geometry to find the area, perimeter, and volume of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. Consider an example, to find the volume of a cylinder the pi value is needed. Since the formula to find the volume is \(\pi\)r2h cubic units. Sometimes, it is replaced using the value of pi as 22(r2h)/7.  To make the simplification easier, some people use the value 22/7 and others use the rounded value of 3.14159 as 3.14.

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