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How Artificial Intelligence Speeds Up Higher Education

Although school is not everybody’s favorite thing, learning is something no one can escape from in our modern society. The process of discovering and accepting new information, especially in higher education, takes time, effort, and determination. In our hectic lives, finding the right mome

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Must Attempt IBPS & SBI Exams for Bank Exam Aspirants

Best-in-class compensation, timely promotions, handsome pension, job security and more… What’s not to like about a job in the banking sector? The State Bank of India (SBI) and Indian Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) are the two largest recruiters in the banking sector. With SBI&rsq

Nov 04, 2020 Career Guide
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Top 10 Kids Coding Websites And Apps

The future of the world is technology and its creations. One such application of technology is coding, and the future drivers of this are none other than the young generation among us; the children. Children are the creators of tomorrow, and with the help of coding, there seems no boundary that c

Nov 03, 2020 Career Guide
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Why Top Schools in India Should Teach Coding in Class?

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 65% of kids who are in primary school today will work in completely new kinds of job fields that have no existence yet. Our world is changing extremely fast. The jobs that are existing today were not there even five years ago. A

Jul 28, 2020 Career Guide
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GATE School Preparation Review for Success

GATE is a very important entrance examination essential for admission to various post-graduate education programs like Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy in Indian higher education institutes such as IITs and IISc. Many public sector undertakings(PSUs) such as ONGC,

Jun 01, 2020 Career Guide
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How to Deliver Stronger Training Outcomes: A Blended Learning Approach

The world today no more depends on conventional classroom learning methods. It’s the era of e-learning. The individuals today are interested in the e-learning approach because they learn according to their own pace and the subjects of their own interest or requirement. But do these online c

Apr 21, 2020 Career Guide
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Tips to Search a Job Online

Before you start your job search online, you need to know the right ways and tricks to get to the right one. This infographic can help.

Apr 10, 2020 Career Guide
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Why You Should Switch to a Career in Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is very well expanding and the most demanding field nowadays. It deals with the analysis and prediction of data to get business insights. It also helps you to deploy a model to illustrate and solve your problem and hence, allows you to make better decisions. To excel yourself i

Feb 28, 2020 Career Guide