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Ideas for Teaching Vocabulary in Classroom

The process of learning vocabulary may not be the most exciting thing that students learn in schools however, by using fun and interesting ways to teach the vocabulary of words, teachers will enhance student enthusiasm and aid in every memorization as well as retention. There are numerous methods

Oct 19, 2021 Academics English
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How to Speak English Correctly – A Step-by-step Guide through Situations

In today’s times, learning a language that most of the world follows is extremely necessary to move around and succeed in the world; and English is such a language. No wonder then, that there is such a demand for learning English better and better. But that requires time and regular practic

Aug 23, 2021 English
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How to Avoid Common Errors in English

To begin with, let us understand this universal truth: even some native speakers of English make some error or the other while using the language; therefore it will not be looked upon as a crying shame if we, whose mother tongue is not English, make a few mistakes here and there – especiall

Jul 08, 2021 Academics English

How to Improve Your Vocabulary For The TOEFL Examination?

TOEFL is an internationally accepted exam to denote English language proficiency of the international examinees. St

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Top Majors for Language Lover

Introduction Education is key. It unlocks the path towards success. The Internet provides us with numerous ways to benefit from its services concerning education. For instance, college students have at their disposal best academic wri

Jun 23, 2021 English

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

Proper English pronunciation is considered to be an essential part of English learning and those who have a different pronunciation face several problems these days. Here, a few things need to be remembered: Firstly, proper pronunciation does not define knowledge Seco

Apr 21, 2021 English