Benefits of Videos for Teacher in Classroom

Jul 18, 2021

The pandemic changed many things, and one of those changes includes offline classes turning into online ones. As this change occurred, teachers were not able to convey lessons and concepts to the students. But nowadays, teachers are using videos to give the concepts to the students who have proven to be a great idea.

Teachers nowadays are using slideshow maker tools to make videos for their students. But before going into making videos through the slideshow, makers should understand how these teaching through videos will benefit the students:

Why use videos for teaching?

As students, all of us would have loved to watch videos with our classmates. Remember the thrill of watching a video in class when you were a student? There were multiple video content segments, including an episode about history, a funny commercial about conjunctions and articles, and an episode about the scientific facts behind the atoms and elements. Watching any video content, regardless of its topic, was always a pleasure. It will be the same the students of now will be feeling. So, using videos as a teaching method is a way through which students can learn and enjoy.

Videos will be easily accessible to students.

When you make teaching videos, the students will access these whenever and wherever they want. They can watch these videos through mobiles, laptops, tabs, etc. They can choose their own study time and study the concepts through these videos. There will be no missing class as they can access the videos anytime they want. So, no students will be missing out on any lecture taken. One thing to keep in mind while making these videos is that one should make sure that the videos are in such a format supported by all the devices.

Videos catch the eyes of students.

Everyone loves watching videos because it is less time-consuming than reading and understanding. So, making videos will help in urging the students to watch the videos. And as it has proved, videos help students understand the concepts better as videos create an imprint on the mind of the students. It will help the students in remembering the things taught in the class better.

The accessibility of education increases

As education is remote, many students will watch these videos and learn from them. This increase in students could benefit the institutions too. And many more students will get the opportunity to get an education. When the teaching is through videos, the teachers wouldn't also have to work simultaneously. The teachers will only have to work part-time.

Students will get more information through videos

No one can say that videos are useless; videos always bring out new reports, which is relatively significant. Videos do specifically give the information in a simple to the burn-through, fun way that students will understand and enjoy subtly.

Include the students in the video making

Videos that immerse learners in production are a great way to create learners' versions of any original. The immersion factor will engage them, and they will have the opportunity to develop their version in class. When the students participate in the video making, the students will understand the concepts better than before. And also, this will give the students a bit of information on how the making of videos takes place.

Simulative activities

One can use videos to stimulate classroom activities. As a result, one will manipulate students' desire to learn new content and provide them with a fantastic value to the entire learning process. It will help make the students more interested in the learning part as all they have to do is learn through these videos.

Using videos for learning purposes is a money saver.

Today, anyone can create a video using inexpensive equipment. The majority of tools you need are probably already available to you. If you want to show educational videos during class, there are numerous free resources available online. This online site will provide one with the ability to record videos; one can also record the screen and do both video and screen recording simultaneously. It will benefit you when teaching the students or giving them assignments etc. So, it's efficiently learning without much expense.

Videos talk much more than words.

Even though words do help, videos do not require imagination to create an experience. It makes them much more effective and enjoyable, which in turn makes them more appealing. Videos help tell what words can't; videos will explain the contents in a much more understandable way.

Rather than lectures, the videos are interactive with graphics, pie charts, and infographics, which makes learning easy and fast. Students find it easy to grab because visual impact plays an essential role in our memory. Hence, video classes are great than words.


When a student uses videos to study, then they will have to do self-study. Self-studying helps the students to understand the concepts clearly. They will be more focused while self-studying. It will result in good results in the end. If one chooses to participate in an interactive video lecture, one will receive more valuable materials and more resources from studying on one's own. One can record bonus lectures to complement the activities in the class.

Understanding the quality of the classes

Video classes will help you in understanding the quality of the courses you will be taking. It is one of the most important things a teacher has to do while making the videos for students. One has to analyze the classes they have recorded. Watch the videos from students' perspectives and examine whether the videos are understandable or not. If not, one will get the chance to edit the video and make it an understandable one.

If a teacher wants to increase the quality of content, they are teaching, especially during this pandemic. It will be a good idea to use videos in the classrooms. There are no significant complications in making these videos. But when you think about how this will help the students, then everything is worth it.

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