Why Not to do Your Kids' Home Work for Them

Why Not to do Your Kids

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It is very common for parents to try to help the children with the homework. Parents do often get involved with their children's homework in order to improve the child's performance. Yes, everyone wishes to see their kids performing well in school and making good academic results. But in the process of trying to do so, you actually can hurt their academic performance instead. Believe it or not, parental involvement can do more damage to a child’s academic achievement, than doing any good. Here are some of the crucial reasons that you should not do your kids’ homework for them.

Fails To Implement Their Understanding

Often it has been seen that kids perform poorly during the exams, despite submitting completed homework copies. And the reason for the kids’ ill-performance is generally the parents’ over-involvement in their homework. The things and lessons that a kid learns in the class, doing homework is the perfect way of implement those things practically. Homework allows a child to develop their own skills and understandings. They learn to think and solve questions on their own by doing homework. It is meant to increase their understanding of a subject; as well as to get a better grip on a particular subject. If parents continue to keep doing the kids’ homework, it’ll ultimately damage the kids’ mental growth. If your kid does not know how to implement the things he learns in school, the foundation of his education will remain weak.

Fails to Learn Time Management

The main objective of giving homework is to grow the ability to manage time in the students. Not the kids become aware of doing their tasks within a limited time; but also learns how top plan properly. Developing time-management skills is necessary for any field of study. By doing your kids' homework, you are not letting them develop this vital skill. If they do not know to finish in time, they cannot finish writing the exams also. Due to poor management of time, the students' grades continue to degrade.


Never Learns To Set Priorities

It is important for the kids to learn to set the priorities straight. And it is by doing homework that the kids learn to do so. If you let your kid do his homework by himself, he will gradually learn what to do first and what subjects to cover in the last. Based on the importance of the subject and the strong points of themselves, kids grow the habit of planning through doing homework.

No Way to Know How Much They Learnt

Teachers give homework to assess the kids' ability of understanding. If you do all the homework assigned to your kid, then there remains no way left to understand how much your kid actually learned. It is the homework copies where a student can show the level of their understanding. Whether a kid understands properly or not, can only be known by his performance. Therefore, by doing your kid’s homework you are actually damaging his performance skills.Fails To Be Independent and Responsible

Homework has an undeniable significance in making the kid learn how to be responsible. If the kids do their homework on their own, they naturally learn to be independent. The homework assignment is your child's responsibility, not yours. If you do not let your kid work out the problems on his own; he'll never learn to solve the problems of life ever.

There is a very fine line between doing your kid’s homework and actually helping them in studying. Instead of doing your kid’s homework, what you need to do is guiding them. By doing their homework, you are actually preventing them from learning.


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