10 unconventional careers for a bright future!

Gone are the days when all you could think was being a doctor, engineer, or at the most a lawyer. Along with a massive increase in the scale of options available, the return such jobs offer is also at par or even more than the routine professions or services.

In the section that follows, we give you a checklist of the 9 most popular non-conventional career choices you can make, provided they suit your ability as well as level of interest.

1.  Trainers

Image courtesy: edudemic.com

Image courtesy: edudemic.com

The demand for excellence in professional circles is indeed at an all-time high. These need for finesse and perfection calls for certified, experienced and high quality trainers in fields such as sales, language and etiquette training and specific product training. You can plan being a trainer if you have good communication skills and can interact with strangers, making them feel comfortable enough. Fields like voice and accent training are especially in vogue. Besides, now the remuneration available in this field has also changed for the better, as compared to the past. Now private tutors and trainers listing are available in various web portals.


To whom it’ll suit: Young, extrovert experienced adults with good communication skills, command over language and a flair for interacting with strangers.

2.  Alternative Medicine / Therapy

Image courtesy: altmedicinezone.com

Image courtesy: altmedicinezone.com

You can get trained and offer your services for alternate healing practices if you are a science student and shirk away from the routine humdrum of medical lie. Alternative medicine such as Ayurveda, naturopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture, Unani medicine, yoga and the like are fast gaining precedence over even the conventional forms of medicine. There are institutes across the country which offer recognized, high-quality certification programs enabling you to work in this field.

To whom it’ll suit: Medical students, looking for different options than conventional careers

3.  Gemology

Image courtesy: woman.thenest.com

Image courtesy: woman.thenest.com

This career option gives you an interesting mix of glamour, fashion and astrology, of course coupled with attractive returns. Both, the jewelry industry as well as that of astrology now want qualified and trained professionals with knowledge of gems, their correlation, effect etc. Young students trained in this art are especially much sought after, owing to their zeal and high interest level of the job.

To whom it’ll suit: Graduate (in any stream), with a basic interest in gemstones and flair for understanding the concepts.

4.  Forestry and Wildlife Conservation

Image courtesy: mekongresponsibletourism.org

Image courtesy: mekongresponsibletourism.org

With the fast dwindling numbers of our exotic species, this is the field to go for if you possess a penchant for wildlife and are concerned about its plight. From entomologist and range officers, to foresters and curators, you can take your pick and pursue a course accordingly. However, you must ensure that you are not intimidated by the dangers the wild countryside might pose at you.

To whom it’ll suit: Enthusiastic young individuals with a passion for wildlife and ability to face physical hardships.

5.  Pet groomers

Image courtesy: mobilepetgroomingsandiego.com

Image courtesy: mobilepetgroomingsandiego.com

Believe it or not, that’s the profession if you want to offer specialized services and earn rich returns. Earlier a prerogative of only the few rich and famous, pets have become a statement of prestige and luxury for even the middle and the upper-middle class households in India. So much so, that most of them have absolutely no issues doling out a few thousands a month or year to keep their adorable pets in prim shape and good health. Look for a professional course for pet grooming at one of the scores of veterinary colleges across the country.

To whom it’ll suit: Animal lovers and young students of medicine looking for an interesting and lucrative career option.

6.  Event organizers

Image courtesy: catalog.wlimg.com

Image courtesy: catalog.wlimg.com

This one surely remains an evergreen alternate choice for the young, dynamic and enterprising individuals. With an increasing demand for wedding and party planners, such career options can fetch you a handsome return, provided you are qualified trained and experienced. Above all, if you have exceptionally good organizing skills, this is just the right career option for you.

To whom it’ll suit: Young, dynamic adults, having good organizing skills, are efficient punctual and self-organized.

7.  Films/TV/Radio

Image courtesy: panacheworld.net

Image courtesy: panacheworld.net

The invisible taboo associated with working in films and TV is slowly diminishing. The new age of parallel cinema and even the commercial one now has its arms all open for fresh professionals, duly qualified and trained. Ranging from being a director to a photographer, you can choose to become anyone of the team, including a scriptwriter, camera crew, sound engineer, video editor and engineer, production engineer and many more.

To whom it’ll suit: Young, creative individuals having a special interest in the world of media and movies.

8.       Archeology

Image courtesy: wikimedia.org

Image courtesy: wikimedia.org

That’s an option for you if history fascinates you and you love going back in time. You will surely get a thrill out of trying to make sense of what happened centuries ago on the earth, trying to sew pieces together and understand more about our civilization and culture. With placements being quite lucrative and often guaranteed, archeology in as an excellent choice to make for young, aspiring students of history.

To whom it’ll suit: Students of history, having a special interest in architecture.

9.       Marine and Oceanography

Image courtesy: igpms.ucsb.edu

Image courtesy: igpms.ucsb.edu

That’s the career to take if you are intrigued and alarmed at any events like tsunami and global warming. From an insight into the marine life, going up to the working of these natural disasters, this career will take you through all.

To whom it’ll suit: Individuals having an interest in marine life and a sense of adventure.

10.  Blogger

Image courtesy: flickr

A blogger is someone who regularly writes blogs. It is becoming quite a lucrative profession these days. It is not a habit as bloggers do make money out of it. Some companies need bloggers and offer them a job to influence the brand name of the company. Some bloggers write about celebrities and have a huge fan following by writing blogs. There are many sites for writing blogs. Through blogging one can convey what they want to say to others. If you choose to blog as a career, you will require some following skills: domain knowledge, dedication and passion, good writing skills.

To whom it’ll suit: Students of English language and literature, having a special interest in writing.

Other than these 10 unconventional career options, there is one career option that is promising; and that allows one to remain ‘self-employed’. It is the career of a tutor. This career is gaining in popularity as it is not too age-based, allows flexibility in time, place, space and matter and can be a very good source of regular income. This career might not seem too conventional either, but can certainly be very inspiring, enriching and dependable.

Do let us know your views and suggestions on this matter, too. We would love to hear from you.


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