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Scholar Destination

Scholar Destination

1-Better teachers, better results: Study after studies arrive at the single most important point, the quality of teaching a child receives is the quality of a teacher. We have highly qualified, experienced & dedicated faculty members in our team. These teachers have in-depth subject knowledge, exact idea of curriculum, have caring attitude 2-Interactive classes: We work tirelessly to create a nurturing, challenging and interactive classroom environment for our students. Questions are asked frequently in the class to make sure that students remain focused. Students are motivated to predict what comes next. There is a relentless effort to instill a hunger to learn more by presenting the subject matter with varied and lively approaches. 3-Regular Assignments and Practice Problems: A steady flow of well-thought home assignments is must to make sure that students devote enough time for their self studies. These assignments cover numerous problems of different flavors and different grades, ranging from board level to competition exams  4-Testing Mechanism: We have a very strong testing mechanism. We conduct chapter-wise, phase-wise and mock test papers (as per All Board pattern) to make sure that students stay on their toes and keep up with the studies during the whole year. It also works as early pointers and make sure that we don’t get any unexpected results from the finals.  
  • City: Pune
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