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Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh

Welcome to your Journey towards 700+ GMAT score. I would like to share information about the faculties, the aim of the company and our approach to the training. We are a group of faculties with 6-7 years of experience of teaching GMAT at premier institutes. Our experience of classroom teaching taught us that a trainer can easily take a student to a score of 700+, provided the trainer guides the student on one to one basis, a practice that is difficult to follow in classroom training. Online one to one platform is ideal to meet this goal. Therefore, we decided to switch to one to one online training. In the last one year 25-30% of our students scored 700+ and the rest were in 650+ bracket. Compared to other players, we have shown better results. We are happy but not satisfied because we know it is just the beginning not the end. A lot more has to be achieved. So, What are the factors responsible for such a high success rate? What do we bring to the training? Of course, we will teach you the concepts and give you loads of practice. But is it sufficient? No The mantra to crack GMAT is "Pick the correct answer in minimum time and with minimum effort". We at GMAT mantra teach smart strategies, discuss the typical patterns GMAT follows and the type of answers that GMAT provides for those patterns. The knowledge of these patterns and the strategies improve the raw score by 10-15 points. With Regards, Mandeep Singh CEO.

Area: Janak Puri

City: Delhi