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Hi students, I am Nagarjun, M.Sc. in Physics. I am looking for students who are studying intermediate or XI, XII for teaching Physics. I have 11 years of teaching experience in Physics in teaching objective for intermediate students and have good success rate with satisfied students.

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For me the most important thing is to understand the topic rather than just learning it by rote. I start every topic from basics and try to relate the words from their origin so that one need not find it difficult to remember it. My tutoring techniques are well planned. I try to teach like Allen Kota's teacher because I was a student of Allen. I give very helpful and to the point notes and a very genuine test series also.

Class 9 - 10 Physics All Boards INR 300 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Physics All Boards INR 350 / Hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Physics IIT JEE Mains AIEEE AIEEE INR 400 / Hour
Medical Entrance & AIPMT Physics Medical Entrance Exams NEET INR 400 / Hour
  • Answer:

    Light of single wavelength is called monochromatic light  Example Red light 

    Light which consists of many wavelengths is called polychromatic Example Sun light

  • Answer:

    Path difference is the difference between the path travelled by the two waves measured in terms of wavelength

    Phase difference tells us how one wave is shifted from other in terms of angle

    the relation between these two is phase difference is 2pi by lambda times path difference

    where lambda is wavelength

  • Answer:

    Dispersion is the phenomena in which light of different frequiencies refract by different amount based upon their frequiency values.

    Example is white light passing through prism. it splits into seven colours and each colour bends by different angle


    Difractionis the bending of light when it meets an obstacle whose size(object) is comparable to the wavelength of light


    Early morning we will see light (sun rays) without seeing sun this is because of diffraction of sun light

  • Question: Why the laser beam is highly intense?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 26/01/2018


    To understand this first you should know  one of the difference between ordinary source and laser in terms of divergence

    ordinary source exhibits the property of divergence where as laser does not

    DIVERGENCE: It is the property in which energy will transmitted in all directions

    Since laser doesnot exhibit the property of divergence so all the power or energy will be concentrated with in a small area.

    so laser is more dangerous compared to ordinary source though their powers are equal

  • Question: What is interference pattern of light?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 26/01/2018


    Interference is the phenomenon in which when two or more waves of same frequency move with same velocity in the same direction superpose then the energy of all these waves will be distributed on the screen (space). The region on the screen(space) where there is no energy is called dark band or fringe and where energy is concentrated is called bright band(fringe).

  • Answer:

    No,The tangent drawn at a point  to the electric lines of force gives the direction of  electric field at that point. Now if two electric lines of force intersect at a point then we will get two tangents that is two directions of electric field at that point.This is physically impossible situation in which a unit positive charge placed at that point would simultaneously move along two diffeent paths.

  • Question: Are electric field lines vectors?  Please explain.

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 26/01/2018


    Electric field  lilnes are vectors.

    Electric field lines are imaginary straight or curved path along which a positive test charge is supposed to move when left free.The direction of electric lines of force is the direction in which the positive test charge is supposed to move .

    That is they are having direction 

    so they are vectors 

  • Question: When the electric potential is zero?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 29/01/2018


    Generally at infinity(at large distance )electric potential is taken as zero

  • Question: What is magnetic dipole moment?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 03/02/2018


    Every magnet has two poles.Each pole has a strength(ability) to attract or repel other pole. This ability is called pole strength.

    Magnetic moment is defined as the product of pole strength and length of the magnet.

    Length of the magnet is the distance between two poles.

    Magnetic moment is a vector quantity.

    Its direction is from south pole to north pole

  • Question: What is a magnitude of a vector?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 27/02/2018


    Magnitude of a vector is the square root of sum of squares of each component of a vector


  • Question: When the dot product of two vectors is 0?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 27/02/2018


    Dot product of two vectors will be zero if the two vectors are perpendicular to each other

  • Answer:

    Answer is B

    for this we have to know the formulea for the force between two charges

    In that if we substitute the following units then we will get answer




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