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Kundan Male, 38 Years

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Teaching Is My Passion
Class 6 - 8 Tutor

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Qualification :
  • B.Sc (R.U - 2011)
  • Total Experience:
    14 Years
  • Hourly Fees:
    INR 300
Tutoring Experience :
I am having 11 years of teaching experience. I teach Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Social Studies of the CBSE board for the standard VI - VIII. I teach Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Algebra of the CBSE board for the standard IX and X. I also provide tuition to sit for various competitive examinations like SSC exams, Railways exam(RRB).
Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :
  • Teach the student based on his/her capability and make them up to the level.
  • Ensuring that the student has completely captured the concept until then do not move to next topic.
  • For any confusion ask student why he had not able to solve it and aware him to not make such type of mistake in future.
  • Preparation of notes so that student would revise before the exam.
  • If any student has basic weakness then teaches them extra about basics.
  • Support to student about their time management and way of studying.
  • Always take feedback from student about teaching method.
  • Weekly review student about the progress.
  • Update student about anything new that is coming.
  • Ask student about the other things he is doing.
  • Organize test in a regular interval to get the real capability of student.
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics English Chemistry Science Algebra ICSE CBSE Local State Board IGCSE INR 300 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics English Chemistry Science Algebra CBSE/ICSE INR 300 / Hour
Competitive Exams SSC Exams INR 500 / Hour

9 Notes written by me

  • Mathematics Class 8 CIE (Cambridge Internatio...

    Files: 1

    7 times downloaded

    The simplified worksheet involves check point of various topics for CP2

  • Mathematical Formula In Simplified Form

    Files: 1

    1 time downloaded

    The formulas have been made attractive by highlighting the important lines. Different colors will develop interest in the content.

  • Arithmetic Progression

    Files: 1

    11 times downloaded

    Arithmetic Progression for Class - X

  • Formula At Your Finger Tips

    Files: 1

    7 times downloaded

    Enhance your skill and save time.

  • (CLASS 9)Polynomial -2 , Coordinate Geometry,...

    Files: 5

    2 times downloaded

    Solved problems strictly according to the syllabus.

  • All In One Maths Formula At Your Finger Tips

    Files: 1

    11 times downloaded

    Rote learning of mathematical formulas for time management!!

  • Trigonometry (Cl - 10)

    Files: 2

    1 time downloaded

    The solved problems on the chapter will channel the studies of the students with ease.

  • Polynomial -1 Class - 9

    Files: 1

    1 time downloaded

    Solved sums.

  • Rational Number - Class 9

    Files: 1

    6 times downloaded

    Solved problems  and learn freely.

  • Answer:

    Tan 30 = p/b    = distance travelled/ 3400

                                                                                   Hence       =   distance/3400  ,   therefore distance =  

                                                                                  Since speed =  distance /time 

                                                                                  therefore speed =     ×     km/hr   = 705.84 (take   = 1.73)

  • Question: What are the characteristics of Jovian planets?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 30/06/2016


    the outer planets consisting of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are called jovian planets. The word jovian is derived from jupiter. Also these planets are mostly made up fo gases.

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