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Dipak K Male, 44 Years

Associated for 10 Years 1 Month

Activity Score - 207

  • I teach at My Home
  • I go to Student's Home
Location: Pune, India
Qualification :
  • M.Tech (IIT Bombay - 2001)
  • Total Experience:
    16 Years
Tutoring Experience :

I am passionate about mathematics, hence I am good at each and every part of mathematics. Since 2000 I am teaching teaching mathematics, but more actively from 2010 onward. I have taught mathematices at various leading institutes as well as small institutes. I have also good expreince of home tution as well as group tution. 

Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :

I follow step by step approach. The student might be of any level, my first approach is starting with basics. Then I start motivating them so that any fobia about the subject gets ovrcome. The next step comes as definations and theorems. I make them understand very clearly and then core part of teaching is problem solving. Instead of solving same type of problems I prefer to solve difficult problem which will cover most of the other types. While teaching I recommend some of the reference books.

Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Algebra CBSE ICSE Local State Board English Medium INR 700 / Hour
College Level Mathematics Statistics English Medium INR 500 / Hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE IIT JEE Mains INR 700 / Hour
  • Answer:

    Volume of room before 10% increment = 10*30*20 = 6000 m^2

    Volume of room after 10% increment = 10.1*30.3*20.2 = 6181.806 m^2



  • Answer:

    Let "a" be the side of the cube. Hence volume of cube 

    Vc = a^3

    Since ball fitts exacly inside cube. This means diameter of ball = a    ----------------------(side of cube)

    Hence, its radius is a/2

    Volume of ball is

    Vb = (4/3)*Pi*(a/2)^3

         = (4/3)*Pi*(a^3/8)

         = (1/6)*Pi*a^3

    Hence ratio of volume of cube to volume of ball = Vc/Vb

                                                                                = a^3/{(1/6)*Pi*a^3}

                                                                                 = 6/Pi

                                                                                 = 1.9098

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