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Shweta G Female, 23 years Years

Associated for 10 Years 1 Month
Languages Tutor
Area: Borivali (e)
Location: Mumbai, India
  • Total Experience:
    11 Years
Tutoring Experience :
I have been teaching German language from 2 years as a part time lecturer in professional foreign language classes, also I conduct home & private tuition. I have a very good command over English as well as a good fluency in German (spoken & written).
Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :
My approach of teaching this foreign language is making the student know about the vibrant culture of Germany and create an interest towards the language. To solve each and every doubt regarding the subject. Make sure the students understand and learn the language not with force but with interest and their will. Play study games that promote the proficiency on language so that students remember it without much efforts. Learning a foreign language doesn't only mean proficiency in reading and writing but also understanding the spoken language. For this I make my students listen to conversations in German language which is recorded by the German locals.
Class 9 - 10 English --
Class 11 - 12 English --
Languages German --
Class 6 - 8 English --

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