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  • Question: What is the difference between gross and net profit?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 18/02/2018


    Gross Profit = Sales minus Cost of Sales 

    Cost of Sales = Purchases + Incidental Expenes + Factory Expenses

    Net Profit = Gross Profit minus office expenses minus selling minus financial expenses 

  • Question: What is an annual salary?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 18/02/2018


    Annual Salary means all the expenses that company is going to spend on you like monthly fixed salary, variable pay, annual bonus, mobile bill reimbursements, conveyance expenses etc

  • Answer:

    Easiest to start is sole proprietorship/sole trading concern. It requires no registration

    Following are its advantages-



  • Question: What is the problem of resource allocation?

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 13/06/2018


    Human wants are unlimited. However, resources available (to meet those unlimited human wants) are limited in nature. This gives rise to the problem of resource allocation. In other words, we need to decide how to allocate limited resources to produce goods and services that fulfill our wants (as not all wants can be satisfied due to lack of unlimited resources). The allocation of resources has to happen in such a way that it leads to maximum satisfaction of human wants.

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