MPT - 93861

Nikita N Female, 31 Years

Associated for 8 Years 3 Months
Class 1 - 5 Tutor
  • Total Experience:
    3 Years
Tutoring Experience :

Carrying out skills assessments talking to students about what they want to achieve designing learning plans to suit the needs and abilities of students preparing teaching materials using a range of resources such as worksheets and computer packages delivering individual and group teaching sessions keeping records.

Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :
I am also motivated to show my students that learning is a lifelong process. I continue to read about new ideas and discover new things, and am excited to share this with my students. I am eager to use my knowledge to educate the students and inculcate leadership skills in the best learning environment.
Nursery Level All Subjects --
Class 1 - 5 English History Geography EVS --
Class 9 - 10 English Economics EVS Commerce Subjects --
Class 6 - 8 English Economics EVS Commerce Subjects --

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