MPT - 131071

Charmi H Female, 22 Years

Associated for 7 Years 7 Months
Law Subjects Tutor
Location: Mumbai, India
  • Total Experience:
    8 Years
Tutoring Experience :
I teach with help of flowcharts, worksheets and power point presentations (wherever possible) and with timely test series. Students will not only be taught what is in book but also will be provided with other knowledge regarding topic.
Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :
I approach tutoring in such a way that I show the students the basics, and then give them a variety of practice exercises and urge them figure out the answers themselves. If in doubt, I would keep prompting them to find the right answers thereby helping them to grasp the right concepts.
Class 11 - 12 Economics Commerce Subjects Local State Board --
College Level Economics --
Law Subjects Contract Act Laws --

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