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Anirudh D Male, 25 Years

Associated for 7 Years 9 Months
Class 11 - 12 Tutor
Area: Goregaon ( E)
Location: Mumbai, India
  • Total Experience:
    3 Years
Tutoring Experience :

I believe in understanding my students, grasping their needs and accordingly imparting what is required. I have observed student particularly find Physics difficult. The common complaints I have received are that 'the subject is so absurd, so abstract, you can't see or experience it.' hence making it yet more difficult for them to understand. One of my biggest strength comes in for rescue here. I can relate Physic to our common daily world. The world which we see and feel every day.

Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :

I approach tutoring in such a way that I show the students the basics, and then give them a variety of practice exercises and urge them figure out the answers themselves. If in doubt, I would keep prompting them to find the right answers thereby helping them to grasp the right concepts.

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