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  • B.Tech/B.E. (RGPV, Bhopal - 2014)
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    8 Years
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    INR 1000
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I believe that key to learning things is by doing them. I have been teaching since last 4 years, I started taking classes when I was pursuing my engineering. I teach by giving the assignments and make sure that students are able to complete assignments. I also take periodic tests so that I can understand in which part of the subject the student is facing problems.

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I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :

I divide the subject into small parts and start with easy topics and try to take students into depth of it. Also giving the assignments and checking them regularly is what I practice. Also I take periodic tests in order to evaluate the performance of the students.

Technology Android Training INR 1000 / Hour
Engineering Subjects Computer IT INR 1000 / Hour
MBA & BBA MBA Entrance INR 1000 / Hour
Graphics & Multimedia Web Designing Web Development HTML Training CSS Training INR 1000 / Hour
Programming Language Java and J2EE C C++ Visual Basic C# (C Sharp) INR 1000 / Hour
Web Technologies Java Script AJAX Training INR 1000 / Hour

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  • Android Widgets - Spinner, WebView

    14 times downloaded

  • PLSQL Basics For JDBC

    2 times downloaded

  • Features Of Java

    117 times downloaded

  • Introduction To Java

    163 times downloaded

  • Android Introduction

    11 times downloaded

  • DBMS Sequences

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  • Question: What are the dimensions of the android?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 21/04/2016


    Every Android application has a certain theme, we need to assign some width, height, margin and padding to different views such as button, textview, edittext etc...

    Also we need to take care that all the buttons in the app look similar, same with edittext and textviews. So, we need to follow certain rules related to width, height, margin and padding.

    If we assign all the display properties to all the views separately, then it will :

    1. Be more prone to errors.

    2. Be time consuming.

    3. Produce lengthy code.

    Hence developers of Android platform has provides us with readymade files such as values.xml, styles.xml, strings.xml and dimens.xml. Here you can define how different views are going to look

    The file dimens.xml is used to hold different dimensions like width, height, margin and padding.

  • Answer:

    Today almost all the applications use databases today to store various kinds of information. Whether language be Java, .net or PHP, all of these uses some kind of database. All RDBMS' have various similarity.

    If you have done a course in any particular RDBMS, then surely there are high chances of landing in a good job. Various profiles that needs database skills are Database developer, Database architect, Database administrator etc..

  • Question: What is meant by Querying?

    Posted in: DBMS & RDBMS | Date: 21/04/2016


    We know that information is stored in databases inside the tables. We need to perform some operations in order to fetch the information from database.

    So the process of writing exectable SQL statements and executing them on a database server is known as Querying.

  • Question: What is a Theme ?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 21/04/2016


    The Android platform provides a large collection of styles and themes that you can use in your applications. You can find a reference of all available styles in the class. To use the styles listed here, replace all underscores in the style name with a period. For example, you can apply the Theme_NoTitleBar theme with "@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar".

  • Question: What is the use of WebView in android?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 21/04/2016


    If you want to open any webpage from your android application then you can use WebViews. WebViews are just like browser in your android application. Commonly WebViews are used to show Help, Contact pages in Android application.

  • Question: How to prepare for MBA enterance exam?

    Posted in: MBA Entrance | Date: 22/04/2016


    First know the paper pattern, then start studying subjects. You can use, if you need online resources.

  • Answer:

    You need to have good understanding of basic mathematics topics such as Time, Speed and Distance, Time and work, Averages, Profit Loss and partnerships, clocks etc. You need to learn how to use correct grammar in English. All these things you might be knowing previously, but you need to check how is your knowledge level as compared to CAT level. 

    Logical reasoning and Data interpretation are 2 most important topics of CAT, you need to brush them up too.

  • Question: How to launch an activity in your application?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/04/2016


    When you create and Android application using Android studio or Eclipse, automatically an activity is created along with the application, this activity is the default activity that gets launched when the application is started. This default setting is done in the file called AndroidManifest.xml. If you want to launch another activity instead of the default activity, then you can create another activity and set it to default in AndroidManifest.xml

  • Question: What is Orientation?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/04/2016


    Linear layout in Android has 2 types of orientations. Linear layout is something where views are arranged one after the other. So if we want to arrange the views side by side, then we can use horizontal layout, if we want to set our views one below another, than we can use Vertical orientation.

  • Question: What is a Layout resource?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/04/2016


    Layout is simply the look and feel of your application. Different pages in your application are called activities, these activities contain different layouts.

  • Question: What is UNION, UNION ALL in SQL?

    Posted in: PL/SQL | Date: 22/04/2016


    Union and union all both are used to combine the results of 2 different SQL statements. The difference between the two is:

    If the results of 2 statements contain duplicate records, then union will combine them and remove duplicates, whereas union all will not combine them.

    Union all is faster in comparision to union because union removes duplicates, so it takes slightly more time.

  • Answer:

    Whenever you perform any data manipulation operation, changes are only made for that particular session. If you will open another session and check the changes, the changes will not be present in other session. So you need to commit after performing any DML operation.

    This is just to avoid any mistakes that might have been done on developers end. Rollback can undo the changes made in any transaction in the same session.

  • Question: What is the role of DDL and DML?

    Posted in: PL/SQL | Date: 22/04/2016


    SQL Commands can be further divided into groups such as DML, DDL, DCL etc.

    The command such as CREATE, ALTER etc comes under DDL because here we are defining new objects, so they are referred to as DATA DEFINITION LANGUAGE.

    The commands like INSERT, DELETE, MERGE comes under DML because here we are manipulating data, so they are referred to as DATA MANIPULATION LANGUAGE.

  • Question: What is SQL?

    Posted in: PL/SQL | Date: 22/04/2016


    SQL is a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases.

  • Question: What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR Datatypes?

    Posted in: PL/SQL | Date: 22/04/2016


    CHAR data type:

    • It is a fixed length data type
    • Used to store non-Unicode characters
    • Occupiers 1 byte of space for each character

    VARCHAR data type:

    • It is a variable length data type
    • Used to store non-Unicode characters
    • Occupies 1 byte of space for each characte

  • Answer:

    Java is a technology, more specifically Java is a programming language that enables us to build wide range of Software applications, from Simple Calculator to a big Enterprise level Website, all can be made using Java.

    Oracle is a company, which is primarily famous for its Relational Database software. SUN originally developed Java, but SUN is now acquired by Oracle, so Java is now a product of Oracle.

  • Question: Define software maintenance.

    Posted in: Computer | Date: 06/11/2016


    Software maintenance in software engineering is the modification of a software product after delivery to provide fixes to bugs, to improve performance or to upgrade the software. A common perception of maintenance is that it merely involves fixing defects.

  • Question: What is a software product?

    Posted in: Computer | Date: 06/11/2016


    A program is a set of statements running together to produce some output, similarly a Software is a group of programs running together to produce a desired application.

  • Answer:

    Web Browsers are the applications/Software which have the ability to understand HTML. They can execute Javascript and show web pages. Examples of web browsers are :

    1. Google Chrome

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    3. Apple Safari

    4. Internet Explorer

    5. Opera etc...


  • Question: What are the UNIQUE constraints?

    Posted in: Computer | Date: 06/11/2016


    A unique constraint is a single field or combination of fields that uniquely defines a row in the table. Some of the fields can contain null values as long as the combination of values is unique. Each and every value should appear only once in the list.

  • Question: What are the advantages of PL/SQL?

    Posted in: Computer | Date: 06/11/2016


    PL/SQL has these advantages:

    • Tight Integration with SQL

    • High Performance

    • High Productivity

    • Portability

    • Scalability

    • Manageability

    • Support for Object-Oriented Programming

    • Support for Developing Web Applications

    • Support for Developing Server Pages

  • Question: Distinguish between field and records.

    Posted in: DBMS & RDBMS | Date: 14/11/2016


    In terms of a database, fields are columns and records are rows of a table.

    For example : if we have a table called Employees, then employee name, address, phone etc... are all columns and the collection of all this information about a single employee will be termed as row.

  • Answer:

    Primary storage are also known as temporary storage, these are used to store the information on temporary basis and these are faster than secondary storage. For example: Random Access Memory (RAM).

    As soon as power is cut, the information in these memory is lost.

    Secondary storage are also known as permanent storage, these are used to store the information permanently and these are comparitively slower than temporary storage. For example : Read only memory (ROM).

    The information in this memory remains untill and unless it is explicitly deleted.

  • Question: Explain any two features of DBMS packages.

    Posted in: DBMS & RDBMS | Date: 14/11/2016


    1. Packages in PLSQL are a collection of procedures which are responsible for a common set of functionality.

    2.They can modify data.

  • Question: What is a "constraint"?

    Posted in: DBMS & RDBMS | Date: 14/11/2016


    SQL constraints are used to specify rules for the data in a table.

     If there is any violation between the constraint and the data action, the action is aborted by the constraint.

    Constraints can be specified when the table is created (inside the CREATE TABLE statement) or after the table is created (inside the ALTER TABLE statement).

  • Answer:

    Functional dependency is a relationship that exists when one attribute uniquely determines another attribute. If R is a relation with attributes X and Y, a functional dependency between the attributes is represented as X->Y, which specifies Y is functionally dependent on X.

  • Question: What is Excel Macro?

    Posted in: Advanced Excel | Date: 14/11/2016


    A macro in excel is a group of statements which can perform modifications in your excel sheets/data. There are two ways of defining a macro, either recording a macro or we can write code in VBA for a macro.

  • Question: Why should I learn Excel Vbscript?

    Posted in: Advanced Excel | Date: 14/11/2016


    It allows you to perform more sophisticated tasks that most people would do manually using the keyboard and mouse, and permanently automate them, saving lots of time.

    It allows a level of analysis and manipulation to be performed that cannot always be done using formulas.

    The addition of being able to design user forms makes Excel more UI friendly for an end user if you develop it using user form vba.

    Almost anything rule based can be macro-fyed.

    Imagine trying to delete 10000 rows based on the content of cell A. Can be done a number of ways, but with VBA it'll do it almost instantly. Code it well and you can be sure it's done properly first time around.

  • Question: What is an Android Webkit?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    Every operating system needs an engine which understands web-based programming languages/scripts such as HTML, JS, and CSS, this engine is called as Web Kit in Android. It allows WebView control to display the HTML and JS content in an Android application.

  • Question: Do I need Android system Webview on my phone?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    Some applications require what is known as WebView, a mini browser for functions like approving logins from Facebook and Google+. This is essentially a miniature version of Chrome.

    It used to be that WebView only updated with the OS. In Lollipop, Google detached it from the Core OS in a way and added the functionality for it to be updated via Google Play, like other apps, automatically. This allows it to keep up with Chrome and provide a better browsing experience.

  • Question: How do I fix Unfortunately Facebook has stopped?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    There can be multiple reasons due to which you are receiving "Unfortunately Facebook has stopped" error. There can be memory issues, compatibility issues. Try to install Facebook LITE in your phone and see if that works.

  • Question: Why does Google keep stopping on my phone?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    There can be multiple reasons due to which you are receiving "Unfortunately Facebook has stopped" error. There can be memory issues, compatibility issues. Try to install Facebook LITE in your phone and see if that works.

  • Question: How do we take a screenshot on Android 6.0?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    Hold Lock button and Volume down button and it will take a screenshot.

  • Question: What is the advantage of using Android?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    • Phone Options Are Various
    • Bigger Screen
    • Cost Effective
    • They Are Different Models
    • Multitasking

  • Question: Is the Iphone better than Android?

    Posted in: Android Training | Date: 22/02/2018


    In my view, Android phones are a lot cheaper than an iPhone and in Android, we get a large variety to select from. 

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Arnav Gupta

Very Understanding person. He Always gives his best shot. Very friendly and helping. He taught me at odd times just for my exams, very grateful to him. I definitely Recommend him! Hoping to start the studies soon! Very Happy :)

Joseph Shibu

Alok sir is a really great tutor. He listens to every doubt of each student and helps them understand each and every step of the doubt. He is more like a friend than a teacher. He gives us regular assignments and prepares questions which are discussed in class itself.

Prakritish Ghosh

Alok Sir is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he give me, with he’s help I was able to take my work to a next level. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor.I increased my percentage to 100% in computer applications from 40%.All thanks to his hard work and effort put behind me.

Josh Nelson

I'm in San Diego, California, Americas. I've been working with Alok for about a month now. We do Zoom video lessons for my beginning T-SQL class at UCSD. Alok has been a tremendous asset. What I like about Alok's tutoring style is he helps me frame up the business questions related to the query logic. I struggle with this on my own and would not be scoring in the 97th percentile without Alok's assistance. I highly recommend Alok!


He is really the best. His style of teaching is excellent. He teaches in the way that anyone can understand. If someone wants to learn the technologies go for him.

Rajesh Kwatra

I have seen Alok's teaching style and I must say that he does it quite well as I have seen changes in my son. My son's concepts got cleared and he becomes more confident.

Anjali Vyas

Clear in concepts and crisp in explaining. My kid got quick revision classes with enough problem solving.


He is a good teacher as well as also a good person. He teaches very well, and the way of his teaching is outstanding. Also, he helps us in every problem related to the class and never said no whenever asking for any query. Also, he has enough patience.

Farhat Khan

Alok sir is a very professional and knowledgeable Tutor! He gave step by step explanations and made sure I understood everything before proceeding. He is very knowledgeable and super patient. Would definitely recommend!


The way of teaching is unbeatable. His explanation is very good. He always helps to solve our problems and never says no to anything. So I can recommend to all those students who want to learn technologies.


He is extremely patient, he level of hard work and dedication is beyond words. His skills are very good, he is never say no to anything.


He is extremely patient, his level of hard work and dedication is beyond words. His skills are very good, he is never say no to anything.

Shivani Saxena

The way he teaches us is fabulous and he is so calm and quiet, he has a lot of patience which is the best thing to deal with the students, his explanation is so easy to understand.


Fabulous training. He has instructed us what we have wanted he had delivered the way in API and SGL server with android.

Shubhangi Gupta

Sir was really helpful. He solved the problem in minutes. You should really look forward to get tuition from him.


The way of teaching is the best clear concept in details and explain things with more examples which is the best thing for remembering the concept.

Umesh Suryakant Tikhe

The way of teaching is very good, the command on the programming language is superb, explaining each topic in detail to ensure that student will understand the topic.


Teaching way is very fine. The most important is that give deep and practical knowledge. In a word, he is the one who will give u proper knowledge.

Satyam Babasaheb Shinde

I am Satyam Shinde, one of the students of Alok sir. He taught me Java and Android in a very simple and understandable way. Today I can develop Android applications because of him. I can recommend him as a teacher to those students who really wanted to learn new technologies.


The learning was very good. Alok Sir explained every topic in detail with good examples, also discussed real-time scenarios. Sir answered any questions that would come up. Overall very good experience, would definitely recommend to friends.


The best thing I like the most is clearing the concept in the detailed way, and the hardworking nature of sir which inspire the students for learning.The way of teaching is best.


The Way of teaching is superb....... The most important and best part of teaching is covering each and every topic by practical sessions with lots of patience And assigning practical assignments.....


Way of teaching is best


Alok sir is a wonderful teacher. He has taught me from the very basics to the advanced level. I made a few applications after learning Java and Android from him and successfully published to play store. I would strongly recommend him.


Sir you give proper guidance of Java. And sir you are very hardworking.


Alok sir have very deep knowledge of java and android. he always help us. he's assignment always helps me to improve my knowledge. very hard working person. he is one of my favourite teachers.


Alok sir have deep knowledge of Java and Android. His assignment always helps to improve our knowledge. Sir teaching is very good. Always help to slove our problems.


He is one the most dedicated, knowledgeable, punctual and honest towards his work, I have ever seen.He is highly trained, has in-depth knowledge of the field with unique detail oriented teaching skills and is extremely co-operative. The best think about him is he ready to solve your problem any time and is extremely co-operative. I am very glade to have teacher like Alok sir.


He is an excellent teacher. He has broad knowledge about the subject and best technique to diliver it. He goes in deep n give details about each n every point. He is very much helpful n has a great honest personality.


He is the best teacher which I have ever seen in my life. Awesome and best ever teaching, Superb and fantastic method of teaching, Nobody can think of sleep or dream in his lecture as he cracks jokes in between to keep us focussed He is the best tutor ever!


He has amazing teacher. His dedication towards teaching was wonderful. He has amazing way of teaching. He has depth knowledge and he explain every small concept.


His way of teaching is excellent and he done his work with honest. His passion towards teaching is respectful


Best teaching method for java prograimming language & Android.

Bulbul Tripathy

I had a fantastic learning session throughout. All my queries were immediately cleared and Alok Sir never failed to answer any of those. Alok sir not only helped me with my grades but also developed a interest for the particular subject.


Alok Gupta, a gifted teacher of Computer Science It is an immense pleasure to write about Alok sir. He is one the most dedicated, knowledgeable, punctual and student friendly teacher, I have ever seen. An ordinary student can perform as extraordinary, if he/she is lucky to have such a mentor like Alok sir. I wish him all kind of success in life.

Shruti Kulkarni

I took java classes under him. Found the lectures extremely useful in building my concepts. He is highly trained, has in-depth knowledge of the field with unique detail oriented teaching skills and is extremely co-operative.


He has a broad knowledge of subject.enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of learning, knowledge of discipline and good management techniques and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Divya Sharma

I am so glad I found this platform to connect with Mr.Alok. He instantly understood my queries and we had a great time in learning. An amazing way of teaching. Presently continuing under his guidance regularly. He is the man who will solve your queries instantly and teach u in a way which you will never forget :)

Nidhi Singh

His extreme dedication towards teaching was wonderful. He is always willing to help and offer his services.

Hamsa Veni

He is a nice teacher. He teaches very well. He explains very well.

Sonu Choudhary

As a teacher, he is great. He teaches very well. He is very patient and his techniques of teaching are commendable.

Sumit Karande

He is a nice teacher. He teaches very well. He is very knowledgeable.

Sanjay Chheda

He is a nice teacher and highly knowledgeable.

Adya Chatterjee

He teaches very well. He explains very well. He is very cooperative as well.

Vinay Doshi

He is an amazing teacher. He has a unique style of teaching.

Archana Munichoodappa

He is an extremely knowledgeable teacher. He teaches very well.

Radhika Botre

He is an excellent teacher. He teaches very well. He has a unique way of explaining capacity.

Nikita Palod

He is an amazing teacher.Explanations are very good. I like his teaching very much. Very hard working.


He is an amazing teacher. He teaches very well.


Alok sir is an excellent teacher with good communication skills.

Akshay Sharma

I took classes for Android training. He has a vast knowledge in this field.

Akanksha Gupta

I am taking classes for C and C++ JavaScript. He is an amazing teacher. He explains very well.

Anirudh Nataraj

He taught the concept in a simple and understandable way. I liked his teaching style.

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