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Akash J Male, 32 Years

Associated for 8 Years
College Level Tutor
Area: Thane, Thane (w)
Location: Mumbai, India
  • Total Experience:
    12 Years
Tutoring Experience :
I am working as Brand Manager with an established firm in Mumbai as Group Head. My hobby is private tution for students who are aspiring for ranks. My teaching style and methods give results in all students I teach. For students or families worried about their children results and peformance in academy is not among Toppers, please be assured. My academic background is B.Com, MBA in marketing and finance, International trade studies, digital marketing expert.
Tutoring Option :
I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :
I believe in involving students in planning the lessons, if they can plan the study, they can complete the course. If they are not planning their weekly, monthly and yearly studies; they will be behind schedule. My techniques are evolved to create maturity in students overall behaviors through studies, changing their approach towards management of time and work. Further, I believe in brainstorming and creating abilities in students to think through. Finally, marks are important hence completing the course as per the exams requirements is key part of my course management.
Class 11 - 12 Accountancy Costing Economics Business Studies All Boards --
College Level Accountancy B.Com Tuition BA Tuition BBA Tuition --
MBA & BBA Management Subjects --

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