MPT - 101837

Ajay K Male, 28 Years

Associated for 8 Years 1 Month
Business Training Tutor
Area: Mahim
Location: Mumbai, India
  • Total Experience:
    3 Years
Tutoring Experience :
My ability to contribute as Manager is derived from the fact that am leading and working with 6 Analyst and achieving regular SLA’s along with Team mentoring and gained Team confidence within few months. Evolved as a Team Member and as a coordinator from Cognizant journey associated with 3 different clients providing consistent cooperation for 3.7 years and have enough abilities to crack solutions for project level requirements.
Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :
Direct interaction Communication
College Level Psychology Financial Management Mass communication Pharmacy --
MBA & BBA Management Subjects --
Business Training Leadership Skills Project Management Financial Management Business Analytics --

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