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Qualification :
  • M.Sc (vbspu - 2016)
  • B.Ed (vbspu - 2014)
  • B.Sc (monad University - 2013)
  • M.Sc (himalayn gahrwal University - 2019)
  • Total Experience:
    9 Years
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    INR 800
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I have done M.Sc under Kanpur University. I specialize in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Currently I am preparing NET . I wish to share my knowledge by imparting private tuition in Mathematics and Physics to students up to Plus 2 level. My teaching style is unique it is beneficial for boards as well as competitive examination.
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I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :
I have strong interpersonal skill, great teaching methods and excellent studying techniques. I believe every student has a different style of learning and it is only a matter of finding that particular style. I can help students to find their style, which will make them very successful.
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics Science NTSE ICSE CBSE Local State Board IGCSE INR 700 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Physics CBSE ICSE Local State Board INR 800 / Hour
Test Preparation NIOS SET INR 600 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics Science NTSE ICSE CBSE Local State Board IGCSE INR 600 / Hour
Competitive Exams Defence Exams NDA Sub-Inspector Exam INR 600 / Hour
  • Answer:

    dy/dx=e^(ax+b)*a coz ax change into a with the rispect of x nd e to the per x is same 

  • Answer:

    which image formd front of the mirror is known as real image.concav mirror is used for real image.object is placed left of the mirror or front of the image or focus or beyond focus formed real image and inverted.

  • Answer:

    metals- which element have +ve valency +1,+2,+3 is metals 

    metals mainly solid,good cunducter of electricity and shiny

    non metals- which element have -ve valency -1,-2,-3  is non metals 

    non metals mainly gas or liquid ,bad cundecter of electricity called insulater

    semi conducter which element have +ve nd -ve +-4 valency example carbon and silicon are semi conduters.these element pass electricity and not pass example graphite and dimond. called allotrops .



  • Question: Explain the Ohm's law for me.

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 29/10/2015


    if physical condition remain same then potential difference is directly propostional to current V~I

    V=IR where R is constant called ohms constant unit ohm 

  • Question: Name the S.I unit for electric potential.

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 29/10/2015


    electric potential's unit volt or V=W/q 

    unit joule/coulmb 

  • Question: Define electric resistance of a conductor.

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 29/10/2015


    R is directly propostionl to length and indirectly propostionl to area R~l/A if thiness increase then electric rasistance increases if thikness inreases then Electric rasistance will be decreases. in other hand electric rasistance opposes the electricsity or decreases the flowing electric current.


  • Question: What is the Flemings first hand rule? please tell.

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 29/10/2015


    fleming left hand rule says that if our three fingers spread in parpendicular to eachother then our middle finger shows direction of current and our four finger shows magnetic field and our thumb shows direction of motion 

  • Answer:

    electric power defind as work par unit time.

    P=W/t in one second how much work done is called electric power its unit joule /second or watt, killowatt 

    1hp = 746 watt

    1watt= 3.6 * 10 ^6 joule

  • Answer:

    magnetic field lines always in curved 

    they never intersect each other .

    in magnetic poles they closed and in middile they spread .

    magnetics lines always travells north pole to south pole 

    they strongs to the poles and weaker to middle.


  • Question: Tell me the formula of the main ore of Aluminium.

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 29/10/2015


    bauxite is ore of aluminium and its formula Al2O3.2H2O

  • Answer:

    ionic compound have formed by the transfer of electron b/w two has high melting point .it has property to make isomerism and ionic compound mainly solid in nature.

    covelent compound have formed by the shareing of electrons b/w two elements . it has low melting point .it has no properties to make isomerism .

  • Answer:

    displacement rection 

    when a compound displace by a element and formed a new compound and element  this reaction called displacement reaction example 


    double displacement 

    when two compounds react each other andformed two new compound by displacement is calles double displacement example 


  • Question: Define the term 'resistivity' of a material.

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 30/10/2015


    resistivity means rho is directly propotional to its area and inderctly propostional to its length if area increases then resistivity also be increases if lenght will be increases then resistivity will decreases its unit ohm^-1

  • Question: what is electric flux?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 30/10/2015


    phy = B*A the product of megnetic field and its area is called megnetic flux .

  • Question: The minimum time required to hear an echo is

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 08/02/2019


    0.1 sec

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Teaches in simple language for better learning. Which gives pressurized learning. Helps to clear his students doubt


I take physics tuition. He knows how to draw attention towards difficult questions. He is a good conductor of knowledge and having lots of patience.

Vedant Tewari

Sir is the best teacher there. Sir has great knowledge in math and physics. He can explain difficult sum and concepts very easily.


Most excellent coaching in Lucknow. And Anoop sir good teacher in physics, chemistry, math. Best educated faculty in Lucknow.


He is a very good and experienced teacher. His behavior is very good and he teaches excellent. I'm thankful to have a teacher like him in my life.


The best professional teacher I have ever found and the behaviour of the teachers in the institute are best. He makes our studies easier during our exams. Thanks to the founder of the Singh's Classes.

Khushi Singh

I have studied here for an year and I had an amazing experience here. Teachers are very good here especially Anoop Sir and their way of teaching is just excellent. They clears student's every doubt and explains in the easiest way.


He is an amazing teacher ..he makes everything very easy and interesting .he taught me 7 yrs..he hv an unqiue style of teaching...he alwys give his 100% ..he is bestest teacher in the world ..Thank you so much guru ji.


He is one of the best mathematics and physics teachers. His teaching style is different from other teachers.

Manish Singh

Constructivist approach of teaching by learner centred approach. Well experienced and qualified that makes learning easy.

Riya Singh

He is an amazing teacher. He love to teach. I love the way of his teaching and make everything and very interesting as well.


Excellence teaching by Mr. Anoop Sir. He is one of the best teachers. He interacts with students like a friend and guides them the right way for their future.

Shubhi Singh

I take Math and Physics tuition from Anoop Sir. More than 4 years. He makes subjects too interesting to study. He is an awesome teacher. He is best teacher ever I have seen.

Alisha Tiwari

He is the best maths teacher I have ever encountered. He is Frank and has a great sense of humor. His maths skills are beyond comprehensible. He understands my problems and teaches me to trick on all my problems and answer them. He is insightful and smart. I wish to be taught by you for all my life sir. I wish you best of luck and hope to see you at your zenith.


Teaching style is too good. He has great knowledge in Maths. Makes difficult question easy with his teaching methods.

Swati Bajpai

He teaches the child completely on any topic and focuses completely on the child's success.


I know him before as he is the tuter for my both daughter and son. The way of teaching and punctuality is main reason to like him.

Kaynaat Kapoor

Anoop sir teaches so well...he is the meat helpful and understanding teacher...he has not even helped me in getting good marks in my 10th standard but also he developed self confidence in me for maths...he is the best teacher


The way of teaching, confidence, and discipline which he maintains. I would highly recommend him to others.


Sir, I am really glad that I am also a part of your life. now, about his tutoring, hard&smart taking care of his students, very serious about his profession, excellent basic & verbal knowledge, punctual, gentleman.


Clear every doubt about the concepts of my subjects ....

Sanjay Pandey

His way of teaching is amazing. He explains very well.

Er Raj Mukund Mishra

He is a great teacher. He teaches very well. He has excellent methods of teaching.

Utkarsh Nigam

He is a very good teacher. He explains very well. I took classes for Mathematics. He clears doubts very well. I got very good marks.


He is a nice teacher. He explains very well. He motivate students a lot to work hard.

Shalini Singh

He is a very good teacher. He teaches very well.

Kunal Singh

I am taking Mathematics tuition from Sir for more than two months. HE is a good and sincere teacher. He explains very well.

Karan Singh

I am taking tuition from Sir for all the subjects. He is a very good teacher and he explains very well. He has a unique style of teaching.


I am taking tuition from Sir for more than three months. I take Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics tuition from Sir. As a teacher, he is a nice teacher. He explains very well.

Akash Singh

I took Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics tuition from him for my board examination. As a teacher, he is very good and sincere.

Aditya Panday

I took Mathematics tuition from him for more than six months. He is a nice teacher. He explains very well.

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