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I have more than 2 years of experience of making educational video tutorials for various online sites,both India and abroad; and doing online tutoring. I have videos on Statistics,Numerical Methods, Engineering Mathematics, Business & Financial Mathematics,Operations Research(OR), Project Management, Computer Science & Engineering(CSE), Electrical Technology(ET), Probability & many other topics.

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I Can Manage Both
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Online Tutoring and Home Tutoring. For online tutoring I use online collaboration tools like Google Plus, Skype.

Class 9 - 10 Computer Science Hindi School level computer All Boards All Medium INR 300 / Hour
Technology BCA Subjects Networking INR 400 / Hour
Engineering Subjects Computer Electronics IT INR 400 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Computer Science Hindi School level computer INR 300 / Hour
Certification Cisco certification CCNA Certification INR 400 / Hour
  • Answer:

    There are various technologies involved in establishing WAN (wide area networks) links. It’s a huge topic. Simply put, there are 3 main technologies-

    1. Leased Lines - They are dedicated point-to-point connection between two remote locations. Usually the line is 'leased' from a service provider such as BSNL. Provide high speed, but is costliest.

    2. Circuit Switching- In this, in both ends, the devices are connected to the service providers switching network (such as telephone network) via modems. Think like you are making a 'data call' between two sites. Example- Dial-up connections and ISDN (integrated services digital network). This kind of link is cheaper and is used as backup for leased lines.

    3. Packet Switching- This is the hottest thing in the market. Here data is sent as small 'packets'. So it's faster, but slower than leased lines. Also cheaper, as same network is shared between other users. One example of this is MPLS (multi protocol label switching) which is now being widely used by corporate.

    Now talking about protocols (the logical part of WAN), there are various protocols for WAN such as PPP (point to point protocol), HDLC (high level data link control), ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) etc.

  • Question: What is RAID in CCNA ?

    Posted in: Cisco certification | Date: 11/09/2015


    RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. In which we keep more than one disk (hard disk) for storing data. Data is continuously replicated and synced between disks. It creates a redundancy of data between the disks. So that in case of one disk failure, data can be immediately retrieved from other disks.

  • Answer:

    If the ios file is missing from router flash memory, or is corrupted; we give the command tftpdnld command from the romon mode. Before that you've to give five commands also, they’re-







    It'll ask for confirmation to delete all file in flash memory, press yes and hit enter.

    It'll download latest ios file from TFTP server and after completion, give command boot and hit enter.

    Here the values are given for example purpose, they may vary for your purpose.


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Sujoy Sir inspired me to find my goal and made me capable of realizing it. He didn't just teach, he mentored.

Avijit Mukherjee

Sir is a good teacher, whatever he taught within a short duration was sufficient. He is is very knowledgeable and the right tutor. I am quite impressed with his tutoring.

Arbind Kumar

Sir is very good in teaching. He presents subjects in such a way that it makes them very easy to understand and that builds the confidence in the student to appear for the exams easily. He also gives lots of shortcut tips to solve math easily in exams to manage time.

Bikash Thakur

Sir is a very good and knowledgeable teacher with excellent teaching skills. He makes sure that all difficulties and doubts are clarified and solved. He also explains the concepts well.

Shivesh Tiwari

I understood the lessons and my doubts were cleared, but it was an average experience.


The classes on numerical methods was very simple and effective for solving the problems. Only suggestion is, can give importance to the derivation of equation which obviously will take more time but will be useful for understanding the theory.

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