MPT - 24772

Samir C Male, 59 Years

Associated for 9 Years 6 Months
IIT Kgp ENGINEER reinforces PCM Foundation.
Class 9 - 10 Tutor

Activity Score - 1985

Qualification :
  • B.Tech/B.E. (IIT Kharagpur - 2018)
  • Total Experience:
    18 Years
  • Hourly Fees:
    INR 200
Tutoring Experience :
I am specialized in teaching ICSE, CBSE and State Board syllabus for 10- 12 std and competitive exams.
Tutoring Option :
I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :
I am a graduate Engineer from IIT. Kharagpur and I specialize in One to One and Group tution. It is an approach where individual needs of student is taken care of.
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics Chemistry ICSE CBSE Local State Board IGCSE English Medium INR 200 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Physics CBSE/ISC English Medium INR 250 / Hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Mathematics Physics AIEEE INR 400 / Hour
Test Preparation NIOS INR 400 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics Chemistry All Boards INR 200 / Hour
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I am studying in Delhi Public School Ruby Park. I joined the the tuition in the month of June (2017), and I found that Sir clears all my doubts and explains each and every topic very nicely. I love this tuition.

Yassh Singh

I am studying in Apeejay school, class 11. Previously I had fear in studying physics. I was unable to solve physics numerical.l had problems in understanding the physical concepts but now after a year of coaching I am pretty comfortable with my physics


I am Avik Chakrabarty from South city international school class XI. Sir clears concepts using simple language which is easy to understand and elaborately which helps in understanding challenging topics easily. He also provides a very good atmosphere for better learning experience


I am Sambuddha from Mount Litera School. I have been in Sir's tuition classes since class IX 2016. I have found him very frank about what's important and what's not . He has changed my way of thinking about studies and especially exams. He is very efficient in removing my doubts all the time, every way possible.


I am Aditya Agarwal from Birla High School class 12. Sir gives equal importance to each topic and teaches them with patience. He clears all doubts and also gives good ideas regarding career.


I am Tanya mohanty from ashok hall, class 12. I study maths under Samir sir and I find it very helpful as he clears all my concepts and doubts thoroughly.


His understanding nature and the way he explains things easily in friendly manner


His helpful, friendly and understanding nature makes us comfortable to understand the topics in tuition class


I am Ranjini Ghosh studying in LMG, Kolkata in Class X. I feel that he makes the students feel extremely comfortable due to his friendly nature which speeds up the learning process. I have improved greatly in Maths under Sir’s guidance.


I am Romario Enem Topno, studying in Matrix modern school,Rashbehari(class11). I joined Sir's tuition last year in month of June. I like to study in this particular tuition because sir completes all my doubts he also makes me understand each and every topic so there no need of repeating the same topics all over again.


I studied classes XI and XII in G D Birla Centre for education. I took maths tution from Sir. I found him great in terms of attitude and skill as a person and a teacher


I am studying in Modern High School for Girls, Class X. Sir is a very helpful teacher. I like how he takes tests to make us improve and help us to score better. He also handles all my doubts very clearly.


The thing I like most about Sir is that he is very kind and he gives a lot of tests which helps a lot, because of these tests my concepts are mostly cleared now.


Sir is very helpful in completing the syllabus and in doing a large number of sums as well as supplying tests in order to build confidence and knowledge.

Abhishek Acharya

I am presently studying in DPS, Ruby Park Class XI. I like most his teaching style like making a very difficult topic easy to understand. He also sometimes counsels us. He and his teaching have helped me score better marks in my exams.I am very happy and satisfied to join his tuition.

Riddhi Pushilal

I am studying in Class XI in South Point High School. I have been studying in Sir's class for three months. His way of explaining the concepts is unparalleled and has helped me understand even difficult concepts easily. I am doing considerably well in Maths in Class XI. I am really grateful to him.

Debneil Nag Chowdhury

I am currently studying in Class XI in DPS, Ruby Park. What I most like about Sir's tutorial is that the batches consist of small groups of students , thus ensuring that everyone gets enough attention , while at the same time getting a clear idea of where they stand from an academic point of view as compared to other students.

Sourav Datta

I study in Class 9 in Birla High School. I joined Sirs tuition a few months back. In school, my doubts were not fully cleared and I could not understand Maths properly. So I joined Sirs tuition to clear my doubts.I am finding Sirs tuition pretty good and my doubts are solved. I am happy to have a good teacher.

Chirag Chhajlani

I am now in Class X in The Heritage School. I am going to Samir Sirs tution for the past 2 years and my classes with him has definitely improved my performance in Physics , Chemistry and Maths. Last but not least studying from him was a great pleasure.

Shreyas Jain

Presently I am studying engineering in Manipal University. I studied in DPS, Ruby Park. I had joined Sir's class in 2008-2009 and again from 2012 to 2014. I found his way of interacting with students really amazing. My concepts of Physics and Mathematics improved. I was able to solve numerical relatively comfortably. Sir also prepared me and my batch-mates for joint entrance examination.

Rajarshi De

I am studying in Class IX in Ram Mohan Mission High School. I joined tuition in Class VI. At that time I was weak in Maths and Physics but now these two subjects are my favourites. Now, I am a topper in my class in Maths and Physics.

Siddharth Abraham

Presently I am studying in Class X, Don Bosco Park Circus. I joined his classes in the year 2014 around the month of June, so that I could improve my Chemistry and Physics performance. It has been one year and I feel I have improved considerably considering my initial performance.

Sanjog Chakravarti

I study in Class IX in DPS Ruby Park. I joined Sir's tuition in Class 8. The fact I like most about Sir's class is that Sir goes to the depth of each concept. Before joining Sir's class I was not doing well in school in Physics, Chemistry and Maths but now I am one of the toppers in these subjects in my class. Now I treat Maths, Physics and Chemistry as my lifelong partners. I developed the sense of understanding each subject during these classes till now.

Suvam Patra

I am studying in ClassXI in Vivekananda Mission School. Before I joined Samir Sirs tuition in XI, Physics seemed to be a nightmare for me but after studying here, I now feel to have gained a good grip in Physics.

Rayan Bhattacharya

I study in St.Lawrence H.S., Class X. Sir's teaching method is combined with in-depth knowledge of the subject, patience and regularity. Sir's teaching helped me a lot to excel.

Anshu Hari Kumar

I am studying in SBGS in ClassXII. I joined this tuition in Class XI. Initially till X, I was scared of Physics. Within 2 years of guidance given by Sir, I feel I have improved a lot. He is really supportive, friendly and an efficient teacher.

Madhurima Das

I joined Sir's tuition from Class X in order to prepare for my board exams. I gave a series of mock tests in Science and Mathematics which helped me to gain confidence and ultimately I obtained a score of a perfect 10 CGPA. Now I am in Class XII and am continuing with Mathematics and Physics and Sir has helped me to gain confidence and skill in both the subjects.

Arundhati Patra

I am Arundhati Patra. I am studying in 11th standard (commerce). Initially, I was terrified of the huge mathematics syllabus. But now I think I may be able to score well in it, as Sir has taught me most of the topics and he has explained the concepts very clearly.

Romit Bhadra

I am presently studying in Calcutta Boy's School in Class IX. I joined Sir's tuition in Class VIII. He has managed to reach out exceptionally well to all students. Previously, I really feared Physics. But now I feel quite confident about it. I feel really comfortable out here now.

Sankalpita Pal

I am presently studying in DPS Ruby Park in Class X. I joined Samir Sir's tution in ClassIX. Previously Maths was my biggest fear. Actually Physics also. But I have overcome the fear and I am really comfortable in the class.


I am presently studying in Cambridge school in Class10. I joined Mr. Chatterjee's tution in Class8. I love how Sir is diverse and prepared to teach children of another board (IGCSE) with full understandability and how acceptable he is towards new students.

Yashawant Basu

Samir Sir is an excellent tutor. He prepared me for IIT-JEE and I am grateful to him.

Indranil Dutta

I am Indranil Dutta from Delhi Public School,Ruby Park (CBSE Board). My association with Sir goes back to 2007 and still going strong.Its been a journey where I have been enlightened by Chatterjee Sir both academically and even other wise as a person. His approach towards any subject is unique in his on way. He first makes me feel comfortable with a subject and then carries on from there. I would recommend all those students who are scared of Physics,Chemistry and Maths to join Chatterjee Sirs class and watch their own transformation as a student of science.

Yash Thirani

I joined Sir's classes back in 2008 when I was in class 7. Then, I was average in Science and Maths, and found them boring. But with Sir's guidance, I have been scoring far better. Sir regularly brushes our concepts, and teaches really well. Now I have even developed an interest in Physics and Chemistry, and plan to pursue engineering in future. His tests are eye-openers and he is ever-ready to clear our doubts. Even in group-coaching, he gives us individual attention. He also regularly talks to parents regarding our progress. Sir has instilled confidence in me, and now I take numericals as fun-to-do challenges, unlike previously. I am presently in the 10th and my Boards are less than a month away, and I am confident of getting a good grade- all thanks to the way Sir has prepared me and my batch mates. I highly recommend Sir's classes because any kind of student can adjust here, because sir makes them feel comfortable, and not to forget his excellent teaching. Yash Vardhan Thirani Delhi Public School, Ruby Park CBSE School

Avik Debnath

I started taking Mathematics , Chemistry and Physics tuition with Mr. Samir Chatterji in 2002 when i was in class VIII at South End School . At that time , my score was near about 40%-50% in PCM subjects. My previous tutor vitiated my concepts in PCM subjects. My fundamentals in these subjects were very weak . I didn't have faith in myself of scoring good marks in these subjects. But with Mr. Chatterji's guidance i was able to score 85% in my ICSE examinations (Mathematics - 90%, Science - 85%). In plus two level , i took Mathematics tuition from Mr.Chatterji and i scored 95% in the ISC examinationsand was placed second in my school. I also took Mathemematics tuition with him for CA-CPT examinations and scored 156 out of 200. In a nutshell it can be said that Mr. Chatterji doesn't teach concepts but instils concepts in a student-friendly mannner. Mr. Chatterji's tuition , in financial mangement terms , can be said to be a tuition with positive Net Present Value(NPV).

Aishwarya Chandra

My name is Aishwarya Chandra and I am presently in class X, M.P.Birla Foundation Hisgher Secondary School. I have been studying with Mr. Samir Chatterejee since class VIII. I got the required guidance from him and have done well in my academics with his support. He not only teaches us and makes us understand the subject, he inculcates our interest in that subject. His tests boost our confidence and we do well in our actual examinations. He not only has a good knowledge of the subjects he teaches us but also understands the psycology of each and evry student. Though we study in a group each child gets individual attention from him. He has helped me to excel in my academics and I am really thankful to him for that. Aishwarya Chandra(MPS 22134).

Prianthi Roy

I started taking Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry tuitions with Mr. Samir Chatterjee from Class 8. Mr. Chatterjee’s keen guidance and personal touch in the academic aspects of his students’ lives has helped me and my batch mates remain ahead of others. I maintained a steady lead in school and did well beyond my expectations in my ICSE and ISC examinations. Mr. Chatterjee’s rigorous rounds of mock tests were the key to my success. In Class 11 and 12, in addition to Mathematics and Physics, I also took SAT tuitions from him. With a strong SAT score and constant guidance and help from Mr. Chatterjee with my applications to foreign universities, I got admission into Purdue University, Northeastern University in Boston and Singapore Management University. I am currently studying Economics in Singapore Management University in my third year. I know for a fact that I would have never achieved my goals or fulfilled any of my dreams without Mr. Chatterjee’s influence. I recommend Mr. Chatterjee as a tutor because his exemplary qualities as a teacher not only improve your academic score but helps in career building as well. Prianthi Roy (MPS 22050)

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