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I'm professional trainer of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and also prepare students for Engineering Entrance. Critical scientific approach. 3 years tuition experience. Schooling - K.V. (CBSE throughout) B.Tech, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (NIT Durgapur) GATE 2011 - Rank 307, GATE 2012 - Rank 288 M.Tech with Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur - Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras - Nuclear Engineering (Dropout 2016). Job - Rail Engineers Ltd. (2009 - 2011) Anshuman Patra
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I Can Manage Both
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One to one, no coaching center's approach. Science is the ticket to prosperity. by Michio Kaku
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics Chemistry All Boards INR 250 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Physics Chemistry All Boards INR 250 / Hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Mathematics Physics Chemistry IIT JEE Mains AIEEE IIT JEE Advanced INR 250 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics Chemistry All Boards INR 250 / Hour

8 Notes written by me

  • Combustion Synthesis Of Ceramics

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    Combustion is a chemical reaction that occurs between a fuel and an oxidising agent that produces energy, and when the process is used for synthesis, it is called combustion synthesis.

  • Angular Momentum

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    Property that describes the rotary inertia of a system in motion about an axis is known as Angular Momentum.

  • Acceleration

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    The rate of change of velocity is known as Acceleration.

  • Gravitational Waves

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    Physicists have confirmed the existence of Einstein's Gravitational Waves.

  • Inside Of A Black Hole

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    There's a common notion that at the edge of every black hole lies a back door to the universe — an exit from reality into a new realm where fundamental laws of nature, like time, no longer behave the way that we understand them.


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    “Wear and Erosion” is one of the main failure mechanisms which cause the “Guns” to be removed from the services.

  • Few Important Points To Learn Science

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    For the sake science, just learn this paper for once and write the questions arising in your mind & ask me the answers. It’s because you will not get all the answers in Google or in any other search engines.

  • Wear & Erosion In Gun Barrels

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    Although wear and erosion is not a desirable phenomenon, the fact is that it initiates with the very first round that is fired from a Gun Barrel. It continues progressively to the end of the Barrel’s useful life. The effects of wear and erosion are of...


3 Presentations prepared by me

  • Components Of A Nuclear Reactor - Typical

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  • Quantum – Gravity

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  • Answer:

    No, private institutes GATE study materials are never good enough. We need at-least 3 months to crack the GATE Examination. There is only one study material which will help you, that is the study material made by you, & follow the last 10 to 15 years of GATE Question Papers. I can challenge you, no one can stop you to crack the GATE Examination. If you can score 51 / 100, you will get admission in top 5 IIT's or IISC. Extra study material will help you a bit, but not enough.

  • Question: I am an average student. Will UPSC be suitable for me?

    Posted in: UPSC Exam | Date: 30/07/2016


    Nothing to worry, if you wiill take pressure, then your chance to crack the so called UPSC exam will be difficult.

    At 1st you need to know, the pattern of the Question papers,

    Follow the last 10 to 15 years of Question papers,

    Select the topics you need to learn, because read everything is not possible,

    Last and the most important thing is that, learn thoroughly NCERT BOOKS from class 5 to10.

  • Answer:

    You are having 6 months for the GATE 2017 preparation. If you are from engineering background, then start  with "Strength of Materials" & if possible, then follow "Timoshenko and Young for strength of materials" !

  • Answer:

    You can continue your study in India or you can go to CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. That's the largest, costliest & most sophisticated experimental lab on the planet. There's huge demand of Indian's, that's because, the focusing magnets are build  and supplied by India. Except Indian's no other country are able & permit to modify the structure and alignment of those magnets. 

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