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Sancy H Female, 29 Years

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Area: Fort Kochi
Location: Kochi, India
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    5 Years
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    INR 100
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Taken home tutions for PG students. I have tutioned students of various classes that is from nursery classes to university students. I have taken classes for NET exams. I am specialized in the subject Zoology and I can handle various brances of Biological Science. I am a CSIR UGC Net aspirant.

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I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :

I use facts as a starting point not an end point by asking why questions, look at all sides and encourage students to predict what will happen next. I present material in a enthusiastic manner. Those Students who are not able to grasp the lessons in the class can get a personal attention to overcome this problem. I am a hard working with a positive attitude and I can assure you that your student will score good marks.

Nursery Level All Subjects INR 100 / Hour
Class 1 - 5 All Subjects All Boards All Medium INR 350 / Hour
Class 9 - 10 Science Social Studies All Boards All Medium INR 350 / Hour
College Level Botany Physiology Zoology MicroBiology INR 200 / Hour
Languages English INR 100 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics English All Boards INR 350 / Hour

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  • Greenhouse Effect

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    Greenhouse Effect

  • Green House Effect And Global Warming

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    This note is about Green House Effect and Global Warming, Rise in Global Temperature and Reason for Climate Changes


3 Presentations prepared by me

  • Hypercholosterolemia

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  • Human Heart

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  • Different Stages Of Mitosis

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  • Question: What are the most basic causes behind obesity?

    Posted in: Zoology | Date: 28/05/2018


    obesity is a lifestyle disease. There are some cases of genitic inheritance. Excess consumption of calorie rich foods and lack of proper exercises are the major causes of obesity.

  • Question: What is meant by hypercholestrolemia?

    Posted in: Zoology | Date: 28/05/2018


    Hypercholesteroliema is a condition in which the levels of LDL ( low density lipo proteins ) is high. It is a genetic disorder. We can pregict the rate of occurance using pedigree charts.

  • Question: Name of the larva of aurelia

    Posted in: Zoology | Date: 29/05/2018


    Planula is the first stage of aurelia and it changes to scyphistoma then to stobila and Ephyra .Finally it reaches the medusa stage.

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I am a visual learner. I can't learn anything without actually observing it. She helped me a lot in organizing the topics in Zoology with presentations, graphics and videos even live dissections of insects were also made possible for me. Thanks a lot Sancy Harish.


The way the classes are presented was excellent. Good tutor with awesome teaching skills. Enjoyable way of learning.

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