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  • Male, 21 Years
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Profile Details
Profile Details

Qualification :

Under Graduate

No Experience of tutoring yet, but being an Adventure Sports Instructor and a Motivational writer i am quite confident that i'll be able to teach d kids in a new, better and a creative way.

Tutoring Option:

Home Tuition Only

Tutoring Approach:

Well, My way of teaching is a different way. I want my students to have fun and be involved in what i am teaching at the same time without getting bored of the topic. So i would teach them in interactive ways through stories, motivational stories and there subject too. Overall it would be a fun learning expirience.

Tuition Schedule:

  • Sunday : --
  • Monday : --
  • Tuesday : --
  • Wednesday : --
  • Thursday : --
  • Friday : --
  • Saturday : --
Class 1 - 5 English, Hindi, EVS, Science, CBSE Board, English Medium --
English Speaking Spoken English --

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