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Roshan R

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I am a student as well as a tutor.
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    I am a student of IMA Economics in university of Hyderabad.
  • Teaches:
    Writing Skills, Nursery Rhymes, All Subjects, Counting Skills, Mathematics, Hindi, Social Studies, Economics, Science, Algebra
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    ICSE, CBSE, Local State Board, IGCSE
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Profile Details
Profile Details

Qualification :

B.A University of Hyderabad 2017

Total Experience :

3 Years

I am a student of IMA Economics in university of Hyderabad.

Tutoring Option:

Home Tuition Only

Tutoring Approach:

I will teach whatever the students want to learn but I will teach them in a very simple way

Hourly Fees [INR]:


Nursery Level All Subjects, Writing Skills, Counting Skills, Nursery Rhymes INR 300.00 /hour
Class 1 - 5 Mathematics, Hindi, Science, All Subjects, ICSE, CBSE, Local State Board INR 300.00 /hour
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics, Economics, Hindi, Social Studies, ICSE, CBSE, Local State Board, IGCSE INR 400.00 /hour
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics, Economics, Hindi, Algebra, CBSE, ICSE, Local State Board INR 450.00 /hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics, Economics, Hindi, All Subjects, ICSE, CBSE, Local State Board, IGCSE INR 350.00 /hour
Educational Resources
Educational Resources

Notes written by me [2]

Fischer Subculture
  • File(s) contain : 1
1 time downloaded

Compositional & Cultural Theories: Network Analysis and theories of subculture

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Production in terms of Economy


Presentations prepared by me [13]

History And Science-A Study
1 time downloaded

The Relationship Between History and Science.

Environment And Developments
16 times downloaded

This PPT explains about how the development is related to environment

Environmental Movements
62 times downloaded

Some of the Environmental Movements that's was run by the people's to save the environment

Environmental Ethics
82 times downloaded

Environmental Ethics-definition,what are intrinsic & instrumental value, history and types.

Environmental Issues : India
125 times downloaded

Major Environmental Issues : India-keywords,reasons of this type of issues and case studies

74 times downloaded

Biodiversity-definition,types,Causes of Biodiversity Loss,Biosphere reserves and its importance

Environmental Pollution
180 times downloaded

Environmental Pollution-Definition,History,Pollutant -- Definition,Types of Pollutants,Types of Pollution,Effects,etc.

Disaster Management
264 times downloaded

definition, types and disaster management cycle

6 times downloaded

resources-definition and types

Storage Devices
19 times downloaded

Introduction and Types

Product Exhaustion Theorem - Economics
14 times downloaded

Product Exhaustion Theorem explains about the role of capital and labour in production function by using Euler's Theorem.

Production Function(Economics)
24 times downloaded

How to explain about the types of Production Function

Not Downloaded Yet

PPT about Product Exhaustion Theorem

  • Question: What is Supply?

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 24/07/2017


    supply is the amount of something that firms, consumers, laborers, providers of financial assets, or other economic agents are willing to provide to the marketplace. Supply is often plotted graphically with the quantity provided (the dependent variable) plotted horizontally and the price (the independent variable) plotted vertically. In the goods market, supply is the amount of a product per unit of time that producers are willing to sell at various given prices when all other factors are held constant. In the labor market, the supply of labor is the amount of time per week, month, or year that individuals are willing to spend working, as a function of the wage rate. In the financial markets, the money supply is the amount of highly liquid assets available in the money market, which is either determined or influenced by a country's monetary authority.

  • Question: Kindly define the concept of PTG.

    Posted in: Anthropology | Date: 01/08/2017


    PVTG(Primitive Vulnerable Tribal Group) also known as PTG are a special class of tribal groups, classified as such by the govt of India, due to their specially low development indices when compared to other local tribes. --These were classified under the Dhebar Commission (1960-61), so as to better facilitate their growth, on par with other STs on national scale, and help them include in the mainstream development, while using their indigenous knowledge. --Their characteristics include: 1. Pre agricultural system of existence, i.e. they practice hunting or gathering 2. Zero or negative population growth 3. Extremely low level of literacy 4. Absence of a written language --Being distributed over the whole country in small groups, their cultural practices vary widely. They have their own traits of governance. Due to such isolated living, their development level varies widely from region to region, along with a high inequality index found in economic and social conditions. --Even though various schemes have been initiated by the govt to help the tribes develop, the ground level implementation needs attention, due to lack of infrastructure for them. A holistic approach of the govt is needed for preserving their culture, alongwith modernising them, by preparing a long term Conservation cum Development plan, which includes their needs, as well as imparts them vocational knowledge

  • Question: How Can I Join Merchant Navy?

    Posted in: Defence Exams | Date: 01/08/2017


    You can join merchant navy after class 12, by study the following merchant navy courses: B.Sc. Nautical Science. B.E. Marine Engineering. B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering. B.E. Petroleum Engineering. B.E. Mechanical Engineering. B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering. B.E. Civil Engineering

  • Answer:

    salesforce training centres in pune are:- SalesForce Training Academy,Salesforce Traning for Fresher,etc.

  • Answer:

    Kelly Technologies

  • Question: What is Salesforce CRM?

    Posted in: Salesforce CRM | Date: 02/08/2017


    CRM = Customer Relationship Management. ... The Sales Cloud (Salesforce.com's CRM system) is a secure cloud based CRM system that can help every part of your business get a 360 degree view of your customer. For example, it helps: sales teams close deals faster. marketing manage campaigns and track lead generation.

  • Question: What is Manipuri?

    Posted in: Manipuri | Date: 02/08/2017


    manipuri is a language which is mainly spoken by the manipur states people

  • Question: What is Harmonium?

    Posted in: Harmonium | Date: 02/08/2017


    The pump organ, reed organ, harmonium, or melodeon is a type of free-reed organ that generates sound as air flows past a vibrating piece of thin metal in a frame. The piece of metal is called a reed.

  • Question: What is Cost Volume Profit analysis?

    Posted in: Financial Management | Date: 02/08/2017


    Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) analysis is a managerial accounting technique that is concerned with the effect of sales volume and product costs on operating profit of a business. It deals with how operating profit is affected by changes in variable costs, fixed costs, selling price per unit and the sales mix of two or more different products. CVP analysis has following assumptions: All cost can be categorized as variable or fixed. Sales price per unit, variable cost per unit and total fixed cost are constant. All units produced are sold.

  • Question: What is scope for Biotechnology course?

    Posted in: Bio Technology | Date: 02/08/2017


    The scope of biotechnology can be summarized as under: (i) To produce more food for the growing population using the available land. (ii) To raise disease-resistant, high-yielding varieties of crops, (iii) To introduce harmless bio fertilizers instead of harmful chemical fertilizers, (iv) To introduce biocides in agriculture, (v) To preserve germplasm of plants, animals and microbes, (vi) To produce pharmaceutical products to treat severe diseases in man and animals, (vii) To produce biofuels for reducing the felling of forest trees for fuel wood. (viii) To make use of various microorganisms in food making and preservation of food, (ix) To employ microorganisms in the extraction of minerals from their poor quality ores, (x) To minimize pollution hazards

  • Question: What exams (like NEET etc) should I write after class 12?

    Posted in: NEET | Date: 02/08/2017


    JIPMER,All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS MBBS),JEE-MAINS & ADVANCE, BITSEE,COMEDK,ect.

  • Question: What is abnormal gain?

    Posted in: Costing | Date: 02/08/2017


    any reduction in the volume of process loss below that set by the normal loss allowance. Abnormal gains are generally costed as though they were completed products

  • Question: What is Process Costing?

    Posted in: Costing | Date: 02/08/2017


    Process costing involves the accumulation of costs for lengthy production runs involving products that are indistinguishable from each other. For example, the production of 100,000 gallons of gasoline would require that all oil used in the process, as well as all labor in the refinery facility be accumulated into a cost account, and then divided by the number of units produced to arrive at the cost per unit. Costs are likely to be accumulated at the department level, and no lower within the organization

  • Answer:

    Job costing involves the detailed accumulation of production costs attributable to specific units or groups of units. For example, the construction of a custom-designed piece of furniture would be accounted for with a job costing system. The costs of all labor worked on that specific item of furniture would be recorded on a time sheet and then compiled on a cost sheet for that job. Similarly, any wood or other parts used in the construction of the furniture would be charged to the production job linked to that piece of furniture. This information may then be used to bill the customer for work performed and materials used, or to track the extent of the company's profits on the production job associated with that specific item of furniture. Process costing involves the accumulation of costs for lengthy production runs involving products that are indistinguishable from each other. For example, the production of 100,000 gallons of gasoline would require that all oil used in the process, as well as all labor in the refinery facility be accumulated into a cost account, and then divided by the number of units produced to arrive at the cost per unit. Costs are likely to be accumulated at the department level, and no lower within the organization.

  • Answer:

    Mannat is travelling to east,before she stopped at point Z

  • Answer:

    1. A the answer is A is because d is the tallest one among all

  • Question: What is the difference between HTML and MHTML?

    Posted in: HTML Training | Date: 04/08/2017


    The one HTML file you see is just a kind of introductory slide/pointer. The rest of the presentation is in the folder of the same name. The one HTML file by itself won't be useful. The MHTML combines all the "support" files in the folder into one big file. Convenient but it may not be supported by all browsers.

  • Answer:

    here the average score of Ali and Bhaskar is 48 that means A+B/2=48 A+B=96 which tells that both scored 48. average score of Deepak,Bhaskar and Chandan is 44 means C+D+B/3=44 C+D+48=132 C+D=84 means C+D/2=84 C+D=42 means that both of them scored 42 in exam. therefore the sum of the scores of all fours is 180

  • Answer:

    Alfred=6hrs Borish=8hrs Lcm=24 now Alfred=4 Borish=3 total(A+B)=7hrs A+B=2hrs so A*B=7*2=14 Borish's work=24-14=10 time taken by Borish=10/3=3.3hrs

  • Answer:

    jasleen's rank from top=15th gurpreet's rank from bottom=18th means that 30-18=12+1=13 from top because she is on 18th from bottom. so there is only 1 student is between jasleen and gurpreet

  • Answer:

    he is 20 km from her original position because she covered only 20 km at the last and the 20 km remained to be covered.

  • Answer:

    Bill is walking towards East. He turns left,means now he is moving towards north and again turns left,means he is moving towards west,after moving a little further, he turns right means moving towards north. Now he is moving towards north

  • Answer:

    present age of son:X,present age of father:3X after 10 years, son's age:X+10,father's age:3X+10 acc. to quest,2(X+10)+5=3X+10 2X+20+5=3X+10 X=15 the present age of father is 3*15=45

  • Answer:

    the sequence is like that:- D-M-LEO-SCOTT-EWAN-ALICE-TOM-LUKE-JAMES. So alice is the fourth from the right of martin who is left of Leo

  • Answer:

    Prerna and Harish are parents of Sobha and Nilesh, Gautam is the brother of Harish, so Gautam is the uncle of Nilesh

  • Answer:

    1/4*2000=500,20% of 500=100 which is a loss, 3/4*2000=1500,20% of 1500=300 which is a profit. so overall profit is 200rs

  • Answer:

    she is 20km from her original position

  • Answer:

    numbers      4569    4571   4576     4586    4603    4629     4666

    difference             2        5            10         17       25        37

    difference       1^2+1       2^2+1..............6^2+1

  • Answer:


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