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Dipankar R Male, 69 Years

Associated for 5 Years 8 Months
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Class 6 - 8 Tutor

Activity Score - 105

  • I teach at My Home
  • I go to Student's Home
Location: Howrah, India
Qualification :
  • Diploma (Board of engineering and technical education - 1980)
  • Diploma (Business Administration- From Faridabad Productivity Council - 1984)
  • Total Experience:
    3 Years
  • Hourly Fees:
    INR 1000
Tutoring Experience :

Since last three years engaged in tutoring from the level of class VI to class VIII. Main subjects are Physics / Science, Mathematics, English, and Geography.  In some cases taught all subjects, depending on the demand of parents.

I have also cleared English Grammar and style from Edx- Queensland University, Australia

Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :

Tutoring approaches are as follows -

1) to remove the weakness areas of any subject. Say, one is weak in the chapter of PERCENTAGE of Mathematics, This weakness is to be removed.

2) to remove any sort of fear on any subject.

These two will help him/her to understand the total subject more easily.

Syllabus to be completed thoroughly. Revision is the best option to get good marks.

Class 1 - 5 All Subjects ICSE CBSE Local State Board INR 500 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics English Geography ICSE CBSE Local State Board IGCSE INR 1000 / Hour
  • Question: What is single touch method

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 03/01/2018



    It is a simple method of magnetizing a  piece of magnetic item( like a bar). The process of magnetizing is

    1) to place the magnetic item on a table.

    2) one pole of a magnet to be touched at one end of that magnetic item.

    3) magnet to be slid on that item and to be lifted from the item once reached the other end.

    4) Keeping the same pole at the same starting point, of the magnetic item, the process of sliding the magnet on the magnetic item to be repeated.

    Say, North pole of a magnet is touched on X end of magnetic bar XY. After sliding, North pole will reach Y point, and be lifted. Again N-pole to be placed at X for repetition)

    5) After a few repetition, the magnetic item will be magnetized.

    Starting zone X of the Magnetic item ( Bar) will get the same touched pole ( North pole) of the magnet. 

  • Answer:

    The faintness of shadow increases, when the distance between the source of light and the plane on which the shadow to fall increases. In this case, the shadow fades out, because of too long distance.

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