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I have been teaching Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry to the students of class VI - X of all boards and Accountancy, Economics, Political Science, Business Studies to the students of class XI - XII of all boards since last six years. I also teach Accountancy, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, subjects to the college students of Commerce stream and Management subjects to the students of BBA & MBA courses. My teaching style is unique it is beneficial for boards as well as competitive examination.
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Home Tuition Only
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I plan the lessons as per the student's ability to cop up and and moreover upon their needs. My teaching technique is student friendly and easy to understand which helps student understand it better. Weekly tests will be conducted to know the student's performance.
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics English Chemistry All Boards INR 500 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Physics Accountancy Chemistry All Boards INR 500 / Hour
College Level Accountancy Direct Tax Indirect Tax B.Com Tuition INR 500 / Hour
English Speaking Public Speaking IELTS Spoken English Business English INR 500 / Hour
MBA & BBA BBA Subjects INR 500 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics English All Subjects All Boards INR 500 / Hour

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  • Question: How can I improve my accent?

    Posted in: Effective Communication | Date: 19/11/2016


    Following Steps:

    1. You may get into a professional training Institute;

    2.Watching very good news channels such as R&T.

    3.Videos available on youtube.

    4.Buy a very good Dictionary like Oxford or Cambridge.

    6. Continuous Practice.

    7. Converse with your closed friends and in daily life.

  • Answer:

    1. Read a very good English Grammar:

    2. Read Morning English Newspaper;

    3. Watch an hour English News channel like DD News daily;

    4.Practice before mirror;

    5. Converse with friends and closed ones;

    6. Dont hesitate to speak in english whenever a chance arrives.

  • Question: How do I improve my English Grammar?

    Posted in: Corporate Communication | Date: 29/01/2017


    You have to start from the basic level. You have to understand the base of the english grammar. Tense, Determiners, prepositions, persons, voice change, narrations, parts of speech, clasue, gerund are the basic things you have to master. It is not very difficult. Buy a English grammar book of High school and go chronologically. You have to practise with your friends and closed ones. Read very good english newspaper every day and listen to news reading of good news channels like DD News, R&T, BBC etc. Along with speaking good english you need to increase your vocabulary and sharpen your accent. Best of luck for your genuine efforts.

  • Question: What is Break Even Point?

    Posted in: Financial Management | Date: 29/06/2017


    Break Event Point is a 'no profit no loss'point. At this point, Total Cost(Fixed + Variable) is equivalent to Total Sales (or Turnover or Revenue). Beyond this point , one starts earning profit. Break Event Point is calculated as follows- 1. BEP (in Units)= Fixed Cost/Contribution) 2. BEP (in Value)= Fixed Cost/ PV Ratio.

  • Question: How do we differentiate between demand and supply?

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 29/06/2017


    Demand of certain commodities is made by consumers and and the same is supplied by producers. When demand is more than supply, price of the commodities rises and vice versa. In the present market, from gold to petroleum products, the prices of all commodities are fixed by demand and supply forces barring the commodities where the government has the control.

  • Answer:

    Process costing is applied where identical goods in a large batch size is produced at the same time where differentiation can not be made between the produced goods. For example, Biscuits packets, Chocolates etc. Job costing is applied where one unit is produced at a time having large value and as per the specific demand of the consumers. For example, it is applied in contract work.

  • Question: What is the journal entry of Bad Debt?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 29/06/2017


    Journal Entry 1. Bad Debt A/c Dr. 20,000 To Sundry Debtors A/c 20,000 (Being bad debt written off) 2. Profit and Loss A/c Dr 20,000 To Bad Debt A/c 20,000 ( Being Bad debt transferred to P/L A/c)

  • Question: Is Depreciation an expense?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 29/06/2017


    Yes, depreciation is a non cash expense. It refers to the deteriorating state of fixed assets due continuous use in the business or due to normal wear and tear or due to technological obsolescence. Depreciation is charged to Profit and Loss A/c.

  • Question: What exams (like NEET etc) should I write after class 12?

    Posted in: NEET | Date: 05/07/2017


    It entirely depends on your aim in life and area of interest. If you are in science background, you can appear various engineering entrance examinations such as JEE, AIEEE and for medical entrances like NEET and other state level entrance exams. you can appear for CLAT entrance for getting admission into Law course conducted by National Law University of India. If you are interested, then you can appear in entrance examinations of Chartered Accountancy(CA), Company Secretary(CS) and Cost and Management Accountant(CMA) courses

  • Question: What is Separate Entity Concept?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 05/07/2017


    Separate Entity Concept refers to distinction of identity between owners and the business for recording transactions between owners and the business. For example, fund bought in by owners in the business should be recorded and shown as separate from other item as a capital.Capital is a liability of the business towards its owners.

  • Answer:

    1. Preference share is entitled a fixed rate of dividend and at the time of winding up of the company, preference shareholders are refunded their capital ahead of equity shareholders. 2. Equity share is not entitled any fixed and guaranteed rate of dividend and is entirely depended upon the availability of profits and decision of the management. However, equity shareholders have voting rights which is not available to preference shareholders generally. 3. Both equity shares and preference shares form the shareholders' fund.

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