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  • Iterated Integrals

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    Method for Solving Double Integrals With Variable 'x' and 'y'.

  • Magnetic Force On A Charged Particle

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    If a charged particle is moving in a magnetic field B , then this magnetic field is going to exert some force on the charged particle thereby dictating its trajectory within the field. In this note, the theory is covered along with some homework problems.


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    Here is an idea on finding the product of two vectors using the dot product method.

  • A Brief Idea On Metabolism

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    This is an introductory idea on biochemistry of mammalian metabolism.

  • Answer:

    There are different formats for data representation. Usually a binary system is used, since the computer can understand only in terms of binary bits only.

    For text represenatation, it's ASCII code which is a 7 bit number for representing 128 special characters (2^7=128). For example, B is represented in ASCII as 1000010.

    For color representation, a 24 bit binary digits can be used written in Hex form. For example #75DC1F(# reoresents that the given number is in hexadecimal form). Since each hexadecimal number is 4 bit, so the 6 bit hex combination gives a 24 bit binary string.

  • Question: What is impulse response?

    Posted in: Electronics | Date: 18/10/2015


    In electronics, there are two types of impulses namely dirac delta function for both continuous and discrete system.

    Impulse can exist for a very short duration of period. Whenever there is discontinuity in a function, the differentiation at that point gives a impulse function. The area under an impulse function is always unity.

    In continuous time domain, the height of an impulse function tends to infinity while its width tends to unity.

    In discrete domain, its height is one.


    Since Impulse are short lived, they can exist at particular section of time only.

  • Question: What is artificial intelligence?

    Posted in: Electronics | Date: 18/10/2015


    A mechanical or electrical system is said to possess artificial intelligence if it passes the Turing test which states that if a machine is able to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. In simpler terms, if a person when communicating with a machine fails to distinguish whether it is a machine or a system.

  • Answer:

    In circuits, a transistor is generally used as switching device. Think of it as a switch which is turned ON and OFF so as to produce a pulse train that contains the combination of LOW and HIGH pulses( where HIGH corresponds to ON and LOW corresponds to OFF).

    When it comes to turning on the transistor, one needs to be careful what kind of voltage is applied to the base of the transistor. For NPN, the base is P-type, so it should be forward biased to turn it ON. If it is a PNP type, the base is now N-type and hence it must be reverse biased in order to turn ON the transistor.


    A transistor is also used as an amplifier, to amplify the input signal.

  • Question: What is diode?

    Posted in: Electronics | Date: 18/10/2015


    The conjunction of a p-type semiconductor with a n-type semiconductor with the junctions formed appropriately forms a diode. The partition between the two materials forms a junction and is named the pn junction of the diode. Due to property of the two crystals, a voltage is formed at the junction mainly due to diffusion of electrons and holes. This voltage is called the junction potential. When a positive voltage is provided to the p-side of the crystal and at the same time a negative voltage is connected to the n-side of the diode, the diode is said to be conduction and it simply acts as an ON switch. other way round it stays OFF, and the diode is said to be in reverse biased mode.

  • Question: What is a Rectifier?

    Posted in: Electronics | Date: 18/10/2015


    Whenever an alternatic current signal is needed to be converted to its dc equivalent form, a rectifier is used. However, the rectified output may still contain some pulsating dc volatage. In order to further remove the pulsating part, appropriate filter circuits are used to remove it in order to obtain a pure dc signal.

    Simply said, a rectifier is a circuit used to convert as signal to dc signal.

  • Question: Why do we convert Frequency Domain to Laplace Domain?

    Posted in: Electronics | Date: 18/10/2015


    Laplace Domain is the frequency domain itself. The Laplace transform is more general than the fourier transform. In Laplace transform, the 's' domain is a complex number consisting of real part called Re[s] and imaginary part of s called Im[s]. The Im[s] is the frequency part. Simply put, s=sigma+j(omega).

    When we consider Re[s]=sigma=0, laplace transform gives Fourier transform.

    The main purpose of using Laplace transform is to check the stability of the system as well as if the fourier transform exists.

    If the Region of convergence in the s-plane for a given function includes the Im[s] axis, we say that the fourier transform as well as the Laplace transform exists and the given function/signal is stable.

  • Question: Each digit in a binary number is known as a 

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 01/01/2018


    • It is called a bit, whic is the shortened form of Binary digit.

  • Question: Digital number 9 can be represented in binary number as 

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 01/01/2018


    It is option B - 1001. Here you can use the 8421 code to determine the binary equivalent for any number between 0 and 15. In order to find the binary equivalent for 9, let us put '1' in place of 8 and 1 and '0' in place of 4 and 2 because 8+1 is 9. Using the same method, if you want to find the the binary equivalent of 11, you can replace '8', '2' and '1' by 1 and put 0 in place of '4' because 8+2+1=11. Hence, the binary equivalnt of 11 will be 1011.

  • Question: Decrease in strength of signal is known as 

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 01/01/2018


    It's option C - attenuation. Attenuation means in the reduction of the amplitude of a signal, electric current, or other kind of oscillation.

  • Question: If the frequency of a wave 20 Hz, the time period is 

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 01/01/2018


    Time period is the reciprocal of frequency. Hence, T=1/f = 1/(20 Hz) = 0.05 secs.

    Hence it is option D.

  • Answer:

    It is 2.1eV.

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