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I have a rich experience in teaching Economics and Accounts, I am dedicated towards my work and assure good marks. I have been teaching Economics, Business Studies to the students of class XI - XII of all boards and Accountancy, Economics, B.Com subjects, BA subjects to the college students of various streams since last thirteen years. My teaching style is unique it is beneficial for boards as well as college examination.
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Home Tuition Only
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I don't offer spoon feeding method, I trained students in a very realistic way examples related to real life so that they could grasp the concepts is a very easy manner. I do provide my notes and practical questions to practice. Have more then 500 question paper of different school, boards, universities, authors so that student could understand all the possible ways for a question to be asked.
Class 11 - 12 Accountancy Economics Commerce Subjects All Boards INR 700 / Hour
College Level Accountancy Economics B.Com Tuition BA Tuition INR 700 / Hour
English Speaking TOEFL IELTS Spoken English Business English INR 800 / Hour
Dance Bollywood INR 700 / Hour
Study Abroad IELTS INR 800 / Hour
  • Question: define consumers equilibrium

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 25/07/2017


    Consumer equilibrium refer to the condition where a consumer attain maximum satisfaction and has no urge to change. In short it is that point where a consumer attain maximum satisfaction by spending his income into the good or service of his or her coice.

  • Answer:

    What to produce is a problem which arises as to chose which good to be produce and in what quantity. This central problem solved in capitalist economy by market forces.

  • Question: What is meant by 'non-economic activity'?

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 26/07/2017


    Human activity are classified into 2 groups Economics and non economic. So non economic activity are those who are meant so self satisfaction and not for money. For example housewife cooking at house is an non economic activity.

  • Answer:

    According to economics we will be requiring factors of production to produce any thing in this world. So there are four factors that will be required. 1. land 2. Labour 3. Capital 4. Enterprunership

  • Answer:

    For producing any good there are two types of method. Labor intensive and Capital intensive. In a labor intensive method more of labor are employed to work and less of machine, whereas in a Capital intensive method more capital and less labor are employed.

  • Question: What are the features of a developing country?

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 27/07/2017


    A developing country is a country where are there is regular increase in national income per capita income and leaving standard, whereas a developed country already achieved all these parameters.

  • Answer:

    A central bank is the apex body which have the monopoly to issue the currency and serve as bankers bank however a commercial bank report to central bank and work under the guideline of central bank.

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Sir is teaching me Economics for more than five months. He is a very good teacher. He explains the subject very well and makes it easier to understand.


I am taking tuition for nearly three months. Sir is teaching me Economics. He is quite a nice teacher. He is one of the best Economics teachers. He explains the subject concept very well. I am satisfied with his teaching style.


I take Economics tuition from Sir. I have been taking classes from him for nearly two months. He is knowledgeable and he focuses on the subject and explains very minutely.

Shresh Sharma

I have taken Economics classes from Surya Sir for nearly a year. As a teacher, he is the best. I have got 94% in his subject. I would highly recommend him to others.


I took Economics tuition for nearly a year. As a teacher, he is very good. He provides good quality notes. I like his teaching style a lot.

Arunima Jalota

I took Economics classes from Sir for more than a year. He is amazing as a teacher. He is very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. I like his teaching methods a lot.

Lakshya Arora

Sir taught me Economics for nearly a year. He explains very well and I benefitted a lot. He clears all the doubts and explains the subject concept very well.


I am taking Economics tuition classes from Surya Sir for more than four months. He is a very good teacher. He explains very well.


Sir taught me Economics and Accountancy for more than eight months. As a teacher, he is excellent. He explains very well and I have also got good marks in his subjects.


He is a brilliant teacher. He explains very well. He taught me Economics for nearly six months. I benefitted a lot.

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