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I am presently, CA IPC student aspiring to enter and prosper in teaching field. Though presently I have negligible experience in teaching. Still I believe in teaching through creativeness which I had learnt from my teachers. My aim is to make studies more interesting and fun.

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Home Tuition Only
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I always followed creative teaching during my previous teaching experiences which includes teaching my friend circles (juniours)
Nursery Level All Subjects Drawing & Painting Writing Skills Counting Skills --
Class 1 - 5 Mathematics English EVS All Subjects All Boards All Medium --
Class 11 - 12 Accountancy Economics Business Studies All Boards --
  • Question: Define overhead in terms of accounting?

    Posted in: Accounts | Date: 12/11/2015


    Overheads basically are expenses which are not directly attributable to each unit cost unlike direct expenses such as direct material and direct labour Rather overheads are dispersed /absorbed by each unit cost using an absorption rate or predetmined rate In this wat overheads are appotioned to each cost unit in accounts

  • Question: Define depreciation and its types?

    Posted in: Accounts | Date: 12/11/2015


    depreciation is reduction in amount of depreciable asset due to normal wear and tear ,effluxtion of time,technological obsolecence and due to several market changes it is just like chanrging cost of product to p&l  the difference lies in treatment  depreciation is charged over its useful life in p&l as it is strictly based on matching principle types of depreciation (main) 1-straight line method 2-written down value method etc.

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Tripti Verma

He follows a very good teaching technique. He is friendly with students and can easily connect with them.

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