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Neha A

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    Neha from Delhi. I did B-Tech in COMPUTER SCIENCE. I have good command over English and Hindi.
  • Teaches:
    Computer Science, Physics, English, Social Studies, NET, CMAT, CAT Exam, PTE, PL/SQL, DBMS & RDBMS, Oracle Training, Data Structures, Computer for official job, School level computer, Basic Computer, MS Office, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java and J2EE
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Profile Details
Profile Details

Qualification :

B.Tech/B.E. others 2013

Neha from Delhi. I did B-Tech in COMPUTER SCIENCE. I have good command over English and Hindi.

Tutoring Option:

Online Tuition Only

Tutoring Approach:

According to the student understanding level. Low- Teaching by notes. Medium-practical work

Hourly Fees [INR]:


Class 9 - 10 Physics, English, Computer Science, Social Studies, CBSE/ICSE INR 400.00 /hour
Test Preparation CAT Exam, NET, CMAT, PTE INR 1000.00 /hour
Class 6 - 8 Physics, English, Computer Science, Social Studies, CBSE/ICSE INR 600.00 /hour
Programming Language Java and J2EE, C, C++, Visual Basic INR 1000.00 /hour
Basic Computer / Office Basic Computer, Computer for official job, School level computer, MS Office INR 900.00 /hour
Data Science / DBMS DBMS & RDBMS, Oracle Training, PL/SQL, Data Structures INR 1000.00 /hour
  • Answer:

    Total      chocolate       =  30

    first week                    = 5

    fifth week                   = 5*5 

                                         =25 answer



  • Answer:

    Sum of irrational                =    irratonal

    product of non zero rational    =irrational


  • Question: what is audit comittee

    Posted in: Auditing | Date: 19/09/2017


    Audit committee is a selected number of members of a company board of directors whose

    i) respnsibilities include helping auditors remain independent of management.

    ii)overseeing the financial reports.

    iii)overseeing hiring,performance and independence of external auditors.

    iv) discussed risk  management

  • Answer:

    If A is  Absorption Spectrum( amount of light absorbed by a sample as a function of photon wavelength).

    Fluorescence spectrum that first consumes a photon and puts atom or molecule in an excited state.

    M+hv -M*

    M*- M+hv"


    BB -Answer



  • Question: please define what is an operating system.

    Posted in: Basic Computer | Date: 20/09/2017


    Operating System is asystem software that manages computer hardware and software resources.

    All computer programs exclude firmware requireoperating system

    Operating system are found on many devuces-cellular phones and video games to web serrver and supercomputers.

  • Question: What is Joystick?

    Posted in: Basic Computer | Date: 20/09/2017


    Joystick is an input device also known as control column.

    It has switches to control various aspects of aircraft flight.

    Used to control video games,and push buttons.

    Used for controlling machines like cranes,trucks,wheelchairs

  • Question: What is Windows?

    Posted in: Basic Computer | Date: 20/09/2017


    Windows is a series of operating system developed by Microsoft.

    Version of windows include graphical user interfacethat allows users to view files and folders.

    past version of windows- Windows 3,Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista ,Windows 7, Windows 10.

  • Answer:

    GROSS CALORIFIC VALUE- It is higher calorific value because:-

    i) It suppose that water of combustion entirely condensed.

    ii)Heat contained in this water is recovered.

    NET CALORIFIC VALUE- It is lower calorific value because:-

    i) It suppose product of combustion contain water of combustion to the vapor state.

    ii)Heat contained in this water not recovered.

  • Question: What are abstract class and virtual class ?

    Posted in: C,C++ | Date: 21/09/2017





    Virtual class-

    i)When a derived class inherits from more than one base class, then it can inherits the members of base class from muliple inheritance paths.

    ii) If base class defined by virtual,only one copy of the member of base class inherit derived class.

    Abstract class-

    i) It is not instantiated.

    ii) Objects of abstract base class never created.

    iii) Base class contains pure virtual functions is abstract base class.


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