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I am a qualified M.Pharma (Pharmacology) with 6months research experience at CSIR laboratory in pharmacogenomoics.  Though I don't have any teaching experience but I would like to provide effective guidance to Pharmacology/science students and guide them through their studies by providing online tuition.

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I Can Manage Both
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I will strive towards enriching the learning environment through incorporation of a variety of teaching and learning strategies and methods. My motive is to instill in students, all important skills required especially in context to the subject. I always try to actively engage students through various learning activities.

Class 1 - 5 All Subjects All Boards All Medium INR 350 / Hour
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics All Boards All Medium INR 350 / Hour
College Level Bio Technology MicroBiology Bio Chemistry Pharmacy INR 1000 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics English All Subjects All Boards INR 350 / Hour
  • Answer:

    I Can teach you all the subjects of B.Pharmacy for all the four years. Also can guide you more specifically for subjects Microbiology , pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and pharmacognosy very well.

  • Question: What are the career prospects in pharmacy?

    Posted in: Pharmacy | Date: 19/02/2017


    Pharmacy Gives You Wide Career Prospects In Research & Development Teaching Patent/Intellectual Property Rights Quality Assurance Dispensing Medicines/Pharmacy After Doing a diploma in Pharmacy : You can apply in hospital pharmacies as a Chemist. You can apply for government pharmacist posts. After Completing a B.Pharmacy Degree course: You can go for R&D Jobs in reputed Companies such as Ranbaxy, Dabur, Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy's etc Also you can make a career as a Patent Agent. Pharmacovigilance, medical writing, medical transcription and QA are other option. After Doing or Phd : Student can Apply for Lectureship In government or private Pharmacy Colleges. You can go for Scientist Posts in research institutes .

  • Answer:

    Learn science subjects with fun , it is really interesting as it is involved in every activity of our daily life. Try to learn your subject chapters practically, do not go to just mug up it as theory. For example, if you are studying chapter-1 i.e. Nutrition in plants Class VII, try to think that why do you need to take food? similarly, why do plants need? that is to get nutrition and growth. Then, you need to know what all are the components are present in plant leaves as components of your body. So like this try to understand and then learn it will be easier for you to study science like this.

  • Answer:

    Poetry can be judged according to the theme of the poem i.e it should be meaningful to the listeneres also not only to the poet. Apart from this a poem can be judged on the basis of several aspects such as, what title it has been assigend, what form/styles has been used e.g it is rhymed and meterd or free verse, it should have a sensible rhyme/rhythm, the idea that is presented should be meaningful and other factors such as punctuation, grammer, line breaks/endings.


  • Question: What is sustainable development ?

    Posted in: Geography | Date: 20/02/2018


    Sustainable development can be described as organized human development or economic growth without depleting the natural resources for future use.

  • Question: Why are human resources important?

    Posted in: Geography | Date: 20/02/2018


    Human Resources simply means the personnel of a buisness/organization or of a nation. These personnel are considered as a asset of nation as per their skills and abilities. They touches all the elements of a buisness such as its Productivity, reputation, development and expansion.

  • Question: What is resource conservation?

    Posted in: Geography | Date: 20/02/2018


    There are two types of natural resources i.e. renewable resources and exhaustible resources  Renewable resources such as solar power, wind power, thermal power, tidal and wave power they can be renewed and not deplete, but exhaustible resources like water resources, mineral resources, wildlife they can get depleted if not used sustainably. So ethic of resource use, allocation and its protection is called as Resource Conservation.

  • Question: What are the career prospects in pharmacy?

    Posted in: Pharmacy | Date: 06/03/2018


    Pharmacy is an Multidisciplinary stream of education. Hiererachy of Pharmacy courses available in India is:

    1. Diploma course in Pharmacy

    2. Bachelors in Pharmacy (Specialization such as Ayurveda)

    3. Masters in Pharmacy with specialization in Pharmacology/Pharmaceutics/Quality Assurance/Medicinal Chemistry etc.

    4. Pharma D

    5. Phd in Pharmacy

    With Doctorate education in pharmacy a student can work as a faculty in Pharmacy colleges.

    With Masters in Pharmacy a student can work in various Pharmaceutical companies in QA or in R& D sector or in Production Unit.

    With graduation level education a student can work in Pharmaceutical marketing sector or in research and devlopment sector also.

    With Diploma education a student can work as a chemist in various government or private hospitals, colleges, universities or schools

    Various other career options for a Pharma students are as follows:

    He/She can work as a Clinical Research Associate

    He/She can work as a Scientific Writer

    He/She can work as a Medcial Writer

    He/She can work as a Drug Data Analyst 

    He/She can work as a Medical Sales Representative

    He/She can work as a Pharmacist

    He/She can work as a Drug Inspector

    He/She can work as a  Toxicologist

    He/She can work as a Product/Research Scientist

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