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  • Male, 36 Years
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Manoj G

Associated for 5 Years 8 Months
passionate way of learning
Profile Details
Profile Details

Qualification :

IIT Kharagpur, 2012 Passout

Total Experience :

13 Years

1 year Experience in vidyamandir classes, Delhi (Main Center).

Tutoring Option:

Home Tuition Only

Tutoring Approach:

Basic, deep understanding of concept in a very simple way. I follow why, what and how approach.

Hourly Fees [INR]:


Class 11 - 12 Mathematics, All Boards INR 3000.00 /hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Mathematics, IIT JEE Mains, BITSAT, IIT JEE Advanced INR 3000.00 /hour
Engineering Subjects Mathematics, Computer INR 3000.00 /hour
Study Abroad GMAT, SAT INR 3000.00 /hour
  • He gives hints while teaching instead of giving the complete solution and this really helps in concept building and in instilling confidence. Apart from that, he also has a good set of notes and questions with him
    Reviewed by: Anonymous
  • We called in Manoj sir at a time when I was struggling with my jee preparations and I was very low on self confidence. Manoj sir is very dedicated and makes concepts crystal clear. He has a good collection and notes and questions. He gives hints and tries to get the student to a conclusion rather than mechanically solving questions. Under his guidance I am now able to do very tough questions also He is very motivating and tries to help the student in not only maths but in all subjects. He devises strategies to match the student's way of learning.
    Reviewed by: Vaani Rawat
  • Initially,we called in Manoj sir for physics while I was attending Fiitjee simultaneously.His way of teaching physics(especially mechanics) was more of making student feel the scenario rather than just doing things for the sake of doing it. He always believed in making fundamentals strong, which I later, realized was the most important thing in physics.Going, by the way of his teaching physics,I started studying Maths under him and his way of teaching maths was even better, which came as no surprise to me.Crystal clear concepts, ease of delivering them to students, dedication, sincerity and most importantly his love for teaching makes him one of the best teachers I have come across till now.I would highly recommend anyone, aspiring to appear in jee to go with Manoj Sir. "
    Reviewed by: DHARAMVIR SINGH
  • Manoj sir is a very hardworking and dedicated teacher who focuses more on building concepts rather than aimless practice. He is one of the best maths teachers I have ever met. My confidence in maths has significantly improved since he has started teaching me.
    Reviewed by: Agrim Taneja
  • Manoj sir is teaching me Maths for IIT-JEE. I'm also taking VMC classes simultaneously. His way of teaching is unique to say the least, and fortunately resonates with my style of studying. Every concept is explained, or rather he makes the student reach to that conclusion without revealing the concept beforehand which ensures that the student has understood that concept. He doesn't fuss about cramming formulas but rather understanding the underlying principles behind that formula which makes it much easier to recall/re-derive that formula .
    Reviewed by: Yash Wali
  • I took math classes from many teachers before switching to manoj sir and i could feel the difference in the quality of teaching from the first class itself. He not only teaches you but he acts as a complete guide in your preperation. He taught me chapters like p&c ,probability, vector and 3-D in which i used face a lot of difficulties with complete ease and i understood everything. His main focus is always on concepts rather than making me solve a large number of questions for each topic.
    Reviewed by: Ayush
  • His sincerity, knowledge and grasp of the subject, keenness to answer queries. He is a very good teacher and is able to explain the concepts to the student very well.
    Reviewed by: Samir
  • His method of teaching which focuses on improving a student's way of thinking and he takes complete responsibility of the student. I would say just let him be your guide for this prestigious journey towards IIT and you will not regret it for sure.
    Reviewed by: Salil
  • Manoj sir is the best tutor. We were looking for a good tutor who could help me score good marks in my exams. He does not believe in cramming or rot education.He believes in developing analytical mind of a child,so that he can solve question on his own.
    Reviewed by: Shaurya
  • hello,i am shivam and i am a student of manoj sir since i was not able to well in my jee(mains&advanced), i decided to drop a year it has been a month that i have started taking tuitions from manoj sir but i had started observing a difference in my approach from the very first day itself,he tries to build a deep routed understanding of the concept within a student ,he starts from the very basic and tries to explain the(iff's & dont's) of a concept.he tries to teach the correct method of solving a question but also stresses on the fact that why the other methd is wrong.his teaching methodology is based on systematic approach and tries to inculcate the same values in the student,which increases the efficiency of the student but also makes him more organised
    Reviewed by: Shivam
  • He teaches Maths in very well manner. Anyone can understand. I love it.
    Reviewed by: Rupa Agrawal

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