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Lovee M

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Profile Details

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M.Tech, B.Tech

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5 Years

M.Tech from IIT Roorkee. Taught Physics for IITJEE in Aakash Insitute.

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I Can Manage Both

Tutoring Approach:

I give more emphasis on triggering the minds of students to think on themselves so that they can easily face the new problems. Emphasis is given on the way of approaching the problems not the solution itself. 

Hourly Fees [INR]:


Class 11 - 12 Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, IT & Computer Subjects, All Boards INR 700.00 /hour
College Level Electronics INR 700.00 /hour
Engineering Subjects Electronics INR 700.00 /hour
  • Answer:

    First of all its weight cannot be m kg, say it is mg where g is acceleration due to gravity on earth, so when he is accelerating upwards with a acceleration his weight would be m(g+a) since he would experience a pseudo force in download direction if seen from frame of lift, otherwise from reference frame of earth he is accelerating upwards, so surface of lift must be providing extra normal reaction of ma, so total normal reaction is his weight would be again m(g+a).

  • Mittal Sir is not only a good teacher but also an excellent mentor. He inspired me to find my goal and made me capable of realizing it.
    Reviewed by: Akash
  • Lovee Sir has been guiding me in Mathematics and English during exam preparation. I am fully satisfied with his depth knowledge and clear concept over these subject. I highly recommend you.
    Reviewed by: Vishwajeet Kumar

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