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Kunal K

Associated for 5 Years 9 Months
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    CA Final, Commerce Graduate
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    I have been teaching Accountancy, Business Maths, Business Studies, Costing to the students of class XI - XII of all boards and Accountancy, Direct Tax, Financial Management, Indirect Tax to the college students of commerce stream... More [+]
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    Accountancy, Indirect Tax, Financial Management, B.Com Tuition, CA - CPT
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    All Boards
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Profile Details
Profile Details

Qualification :

CA Final, Commerce Graduate

Total Experience :

11 Years

I have been teaching Accountancy, Business Maths, Business Studies, Costing to the students of class XI - XII of all boards and Accountancy, Direct Tax, Financial Management, Indirect Tax to the college students of commerce stream since last five years. My teaching style is unique it is beneficial for boards as well as competitive examination like CA - CPT, CA - Final, CS - Foundation, ICWA and ICWAI.

Tutoring Option:

I Can Manage Both

Tutoring Approach:

My approach will be depend on the student's needs and learning style. However my teaching is based on encouraging students to think for themselves, using real-world examples wherever possible. I usually focus on exam-style or past paper questions in order to check, practice and perfect the student's understanding and technique.

Hourly Fees [INR]:


Class 11 - 12 Accountancy, All Boards INR 500.00 /hour
College Level Accountancy, Indirect Tax, Financial Management, B.Com Tuition INR 600.00 /hour
CA CPT CA - CPT INR 750.00 /hour
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Any Time

Educational Resources
Educational Resources

Notes written by me [2]

Class XII-Valuation Of Goodwill (Quick Revisi...
  • File(s) contain : 1
22 times downloaded

These notes are very useful for quickly revising chapter Valuation of Goodwill.

Accounting For Sales Tax & VAT- Explained
  • File(s) contain : 1
1 time downloaded

In this notes I have tried to explain Accounting for Sales tax & VAT in very easy manner.


Presentations prepared by me [2]

Class XI Accountancy- Provisions & Reserves (...
36 times downloaded

This presentation is covering topic provisions and reserves which would be very useful for students of Class XI. I have also covered practical aspect of Provisions & Reserves.

Class XI- Depreciation
45 times downloaded

This presentation is related to Accounting for Depreciation.

  • Answer:

    It is imposed by Govt. (Central or State or Both). There are two types of taxes-Direct taxes & Indirect taxes. A direct tax is one, which is paid by a person on whom it is legally imposed and the burden of which cannot be shifted to any other person. The person from whom it is collected cannot shift its burden to anybody else.


    • To Create Equality in Society- There is social justice in the allocation of tax burden in case of direct taxes as they are based on the principle of ability to pay.
    • As far as direct taxes are concerned, the taxpayer is certain as to how much he is expected to pay, as the tax rates are decided in advance. The Government can also estimate the tax revenue from direct taxes with a fair accuracy. Accordingly, the Government can make adjustments in its income and expenditure. 
    • Easy to Collect: Direct taxes are generally economical to collect. For instances, in the case of personal income tax, the tax can be deducted at source from the income or salaries of the individuals. Therefore, the government does not have to spend much in tax collection as far as personal income tax is concerned. However, in the case of indirect taxes, the government has to set up an elaborate machinery to collect taxes.


    • Tax Evasion: 

      In India, there is good amount of tax evasion. The tax evasion is due to High tax rates, Documentation and formalities, Poor and corrupt tax administration. It is easier for the businessmen to evade direct taxes. They invariable suppress correct information about their incomes by manipulating their accounts and evade tax on it.

      In less developed countries like India, due to high rate of progressive tax evasion & avoidance are extensive and led to rise in black money.


      Arbitrary Rates : The direct taxes tend to be arbitrary. Critics point out that there cannot be any objective basis for determining tax rates of direct taxes. Also, the exemption limits in the case of personal income tax, wealth tax, etc., are determined in an arbitrary manner
    • Inconvenient:  Direct taxes are inconvenient in the sense that they involve several procedures and formalities in filing of returns.

    • Narrow Coverage: n India, there is a narrow coverage of direct taxes. It is estimated that only three percent of the population pay personal income tax. Due to low coverage, the government does not get enough funds for public expenditure.‚Äč


  • Question: What is WAN?

    Posted in: Basic Computer | Date: 24/12/2015


    A computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area. Typically, a WAN consists of two or more local-area networks (LANs).Computers connected to a wide-area network are often connected through public networks, such as the telephone system.

  • I used to take tuition classes for Accountancy. He is excellent as a teacher.
    Reviewed by: Tripti
  • I took tuition classes for nearly two months for Accountancy. He is a good teacher. He explains very well.
    Reviewed by: Ishan
  • I took Accounts tuition from Mr. Kumar. he is a very good tutor. I will continue taking tuition from him in 12th standard as well.
    Reviewed by: Rahul
  • He is a very good tutor. He is taking accounts tuition from and his results have also improved.
    Reviewed by: Abhishek
  • Very good experience, took tuition for 11th and 12th standard, concepts were cleared, performance improved and scored 80% marks in exam.
    Reviewed by: Akshay
  • I took classes for Mathematics and Accountancy for 11th and 12th standard. Sir has a brilliant approach and gives practical examples while solving problems.
    Reviewed by: Tarun
  • Brilliant and knowledgeable teacher. Very happy with Sir's teaching!
    Reviewed by: Gulshan Sharma
  • I took Math and Accountancy tuition for B. Com from Sir. He is a very friendly and good teacher. His tutoring approach is good and he clears concepts well.
    Reviewed by: Saurabh
  • He is a great teacher. He taught me Accountancy for more than a year. As a teacher, he is very punctual, friendly, and cooperative. He focuses on the subject concept and teaches accordingly.
    Reviewed by: Radhika Khathuria
  • My tutoring experience was very good. The classes was very useful, got good score in Maths.
    Reviewed by: Chirag
  • The experience of 3 years being associated with Mr. chetan kumar was fantastic. He is very straightforward and down to earth in his tutoring approach.
    Reviewed by: Chetan Kumar
  • I took accountancy classes from Sir in my 11th and 12th standard. He taught me well, he used to prepare slide presentations which helped a lot in grasping the concepts.
    Reviewed by: Kanupriya
  • I have been tutored by him for the past 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience so far in the field of accountancy. I would certainly recommend him to others.
    Reviewed by: Shraiya Jain

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