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Location: Delhi, India
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  • B.Tech/B.E. (Delhi Technical Campus (DTC), Noida - 2015)
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    INR 600
Class 1 - 5 All Subjects CBSE Board INR 600 / Hour
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics Chemistry Science Social Studies Algebra CBSE INR 800 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics History Chemistry Science Social Studies CBSE INR 600 / Hour
  • Answer:

    A stack is needed to convert infix notation to postfix notation. A stack is a container of objects that are inserted and removed according to LIFO (last in first out) principle. Two operations are used push and pop.

    Push:-  Add an element to the collection

    Pop:- removes the most recently added element that was not yet removed.


  • Question: What is the principal of lever?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 26/05/2020


    It has been found by experiment that two equal forces acting in opposite directions that is clock wise and anti clock wise and applied to a uniform lever at equal distances from the fulcrum counteract each other and establish state of equilibrium , or balance , in the lever


  • Answer:

    It is due to the dispersion of light when light enters in prim it split into seven colours according to velocity and frequency and vibgyor is the pattern

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1. Her method of teaching is best. 2. She explains very well. 3. She is master in organic chemistry. 4. Chemical reactions are on tips of this faculty


The best learning experience with the faculty. I have learned mathematics with the faculty. She is too good in maths. Believe me, I was zero on maths before but now I am quite confident in solving maths questions 1. Height and distance: Perfect explanation with real-life examples. 2. Trigonometry : Learning formulas with the best tricks of Khusboo mam. 3. Geometry : No need to use pen, just use the tricks of Khusboo mam.


1. She has a good command over the subject 2. She gives best learning experience online as well as at home. 3. She gives career advice also. 4. After learning physics from her , I feel very confident and able to solve all questions of SC verma book. 5. She takes online tests every week for the assesment. 6. She explains concepts very well by giving real life examples. 7. She is very humble and supports you. I will recommend everyone to become get student and get a best learning experience.

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