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  • Ph.D (DTU & GGSIPU - 2018)
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    13 Years
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    INR 350
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  • More than six years experience of teaching at university level.
  • More than nine years experience of teaching C.B.S.E. (IX-XII) students.
  • A good teaching record with above 90% success rate.
  • Ability to communicate scientific and subjective concepts clearly in English.
  • Excellent subject knowledge.
  • Delivered more than 15 guest lectures at various schools and colleges.
  • Expert with dealing a large group of students.
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I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :

Psychological and to make understanding with student which provide ease of learning to student. My teaching style is unique it is beneficial for boards as well as competitive examination.

Class 9 - 10 Chemistry All Boards All Medium INR 700 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Chemistry All Boards All Medium INR 1000 / Hour
College Level Chemistry INR 1500 / Hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Chemistry IIT JEE Mains INR 350 / Hour
Medical Entrance & AIPMT Chemistry NEET INR 350 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics All Boards INR 600 / Hour
  • Question: What is atomic number and mass number?

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 23/10/2015


    Atomic number is the numbers of electron present to the element. For example Oxygen have 8 electrons so its electronic number is 8 in its native state, but if you see O2- the numbers of electrons are 6 now and it is now iso-electronic with Carbon.

    The mass number is the sum of Protons* and Neutrons present to the element..



    *Usually the numbers of protons are equals to the atomic number or number of electrons.

  • Question: Explain Wurtz reaction with an example.

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 24/10/2015


    Wurtz reaction:

    The alkylhalides get converted into alkanes, by simply

    R-X + 2 Na + X-R → R-R + 2 NaX


    CH3-CH2Cl + 2Na + ClCH2CH3       Will give        CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 + 2NaCl


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