MPT - 334303

Arunjeet Male, 45 Years

Associated for 2 Years 6 Months
Teaching English as a Business Language
English Speaking Tutor

Activity Score - 80

Qualification :
  • M.A (Jamia Millia Islamia - 1995)
  • Total Experience:
    12 Years
  • Hourly Fees:
    INR 800
Tutoring Experience :
I have over 8 years of experience in teaching content writing, internet marketing, SEO, multimedia and English (Written and Voice Communication).
Tutoring Option :
Home Tuition Only
Tutoring Approach :
I adhere to One -on - One Interactive sessions.
Class 9 - 10 English School level computer Bengali CBSE INR 800 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 English Arts Group CBSE Board INR 800 / Hour
College Level English Bengali Mass communication BA Tuition Other University INR 800 / Hour
English Speaking Spoken English Effective Communication Corporate Communication Business English INR 800 / Hour
Languages English Bengali Accent Training INR 800 / Hour
Graphics & Multimedia Photoshop DTP Corel Draw Multimedia INR 800 / Hour
  • Answer:

    Learner himself is the best trainer, and therefore, you have to give the try. Accent training institute will provide you the practice SESSIONS ONLY.

  • Question: What is Accent Training?

    Posted in: Accent Training | Date: 25/01/2018


    Accent training is the process where focus is on the utterance of particular word or a phrase in any language, as spoken by the native speaker of that language. Your accent trainer will stress on the phonemes and the syllables. Uttering the words with right accent help you become an eloquent user of language. 

  • Answer:

    Think of yourself as an institute, and then become your own trainer. You will soon realize that you are becoming the best.

  • Question: What is Business English?

    Posted in: Business English | Date: 25/01/2018


    In one phrase if I want to explain 'BUSINESS ENGLISH,' then it is the "ENGLISH USED TO EXPRESS AND COMMUNICATE IN BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM." The english used for busines purposes has a formal notation. There is no room for informalism in business english. 

  • Answer:

    Business English or rather English in general cannot be learnt in one month. If somebody out there is telling you this, he or she may be trying to make money out of you. Moreover, you will be wasting your time. Do not give airs to advertorials and banners, which say "LEARN ENGLISH N ONE MONTH"  or "LEARN ENGLISH IN 24 HOURS." Learning BUSINESS ENGLISH means, you need to learn the language from the basics. 

  • Question: Define Oral Communication.

    Posted in: Mass communication | Date: 25/01/2018


    Oral Communication is where you vocalize or express yourself using larynx or the voice box. During your oral communication, you are trying to condition your vocal chords in a manner, where you can make appropriate utterances in a particular set of environment.

  • Question: What is Corel Draw?

    Posted in: Corel Draw | Date: 25/01/2018


    Corel Draw is the vector graphics designing software, developed by Corel Corporation, Ottawa Canada. 

  • Question: What are the job opportunities for Corel Draw?

    Posted in: Corel Draw | Date: 25/01/2018


    When you become expert user of Corel Draw, you can grab a job as a:

    Graphic Designer

    Layout Artist for Catalogs, Newsletter, etc.

  • Question: Why should I learn Corel Draw?

    Posted in: Corel Draw | Date: 25/01/2018


    You can use Corel Draw to create banners, vector graphics for LinkedIn, and Social Media. It is a fascinating software. 

  • Answer:

    You do not need to memorize vocabulary, but you need to do analysis of a particular word. Vocabulary is not a historical data. VOCABULARY has a scientific association. It is technical in nature. In India, we have the habit of seeing Science and Maths as technical.

  • Answer:

    When you are haunted you feel SCARED

    When you are frightened (as in the case - you have not done your home work or you have not prepared the presentation etc.) you start feeling AFRAID of being scolded. 



    On several occasions, both these words are used interchangeably.  

  • Question: What is Content Writing?

    Posted in: Creative Writing Classes | Date: 25/01/2018


    Content Writing is basically the field where you work as a writer and asked to write online as well as offline content, useful for various purposes. Content Writing is different from SEO Writing, which is written for the crawlers or the bots. 

  • Answer:

    The best content writing institute in Delhi is Sri Sai Content and Analytics. It is locared in Janak Puri. 

  • Question: Why should I learn WordPress?

    Posted in: Wordpress Training | Date: 25/01/2018


    WordPress is the open source website designing CMS available today. Yo can also build beautiful blogs, and strong knowledge base. It is SEO ready, which means you do not have to put efforts to market your website or blog. 

  • Answer:

    Here are a few job opportunties available for a digital marketing professional:

    Content Marketer


    Web and Google Analyser

    Keyword Planner

    Content Strategist

  • Answer:

    You can pursue digital marketing along with Mass Communication. It is the most useful and deadly combination to work with your portfolio.

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