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Very Rich Tutoring Experience of more than 20 years of good school like DPS, Pathways, Sri Ram School, DAV, etc. I am specialized in CBSE board, but can handle all boards including International and Cambridge boards.
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I Can Manage Both
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Activity Based Teaching using VAK method with mind power and memory technique to produce miraculous results
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  • Question: What is electroplating? Why are articles electroplated?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/09/2015


    Electroplating is a process of applying coating of one article over the other article. Articles are electroplated to make it more shiny as well as to make it rust free. It is also used in jewelery industry to electroplate the costly articles over the cheaper on like we do coating of gold over silver to make it more attractive. Electroplating is now a days common phenomenon in artificial jewelery making.

  • Question: How can we conserve electricity ?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/09/2015


    We can conserve electricity in the following ways:

    1. We need to switch off the electrical device when it is not needed.

    2. We need to use energy saving devices in the houses.

    3. We need to switch off the TV while going to bed from the switch board, but most of the people are having bad habit of switching it through remote only. In this case, TV consumes some energy.

    4. We need to eat our lunch and dinner together in the family so that it will save some electical energy, as we don't need to the oven once only, not many times if all family members are not doing the same.

    5. In evening, we need to go for walk with all the family members thus saving energy in the home.

  • Question: What is earthing?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/09/2015


    This is the method by virtue of which we allow more electricity to pass to the earth without damaging the electrical device. It is also called grounding as this is generally digged inside the ground in the houses. This is necessary thing to protect the heavy electrical devices. If proper earthing is not done in some houses, we generally feel some mild electrical shocks when we touch the device with barren foot.

  • Question: What is a lunar eclipse?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/09/2015


    Lunare eclipse is the condition in which earth comes in between the sun and moon and the shadow of earth falls on the moon. It can be total or partial depending upon the part of the earth blocking the sun rays to fall on moon.

  • Question: How is a shadow formed?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/09/2015


    We all know that the light travels in straight line. When any objects come in the direction of the light, the light passes in straight line living the shape of the object intact and thus forming the shadow of the object on the groud.   

  • Question: What is the S.I. unit of Electric potential?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/09/2015


    SI unit of electrical potential is volt.

  • Answer:

    Male and female gonads in human beings are testes and ovary.

    Two functions of testes are

    1. Production of sperms.

    2. Secretion of hormone responsible for secondary sexual character in male.

    Two functions of ovary are

    1. Production of Ovum.

    2. Secretion of hormone resposible for secondary sexual character in female.

  • Question: Why does ice float on water?

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 24/09/2015


    Because the density of ice is less than that of water.

  • Question: What do you understand by the basicity of the acid?

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 24/09/2015


    No of replaceable hydrogen present in any acid is called basicity of acid.

  • Question: Why is vinegar considered to be a weak acid?

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 24/09/2015


    Because vinegar is organic acid and it releases its hydrogen not readily as the strong acids like HCl and H2SO4 do.

  • Question: What is the range of the PH scale?

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 24/09/2015


    The range of pH scale is from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral. Less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 being basic.

  • Question: What is a weak acid?

    Posted in: Chemistry | Date: 24/09/2015


    Weak acids are those acid which do not liberate their replaceable hydrogen readily. The organic acids are generally weak acids.

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My daughter has taken tuition from him for more two years. He gave my daughter tuition for Mathematics and he is a very nice tutor and he explains well.

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He is a nice tutor. He taught my daughter Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for than a year. He explains very well and the way he teaches is very impressive.

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He is an amazing teacher and I took tuition for Medical Transcription for almost a year. He is very knowledgeable and experienced teacher.

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