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I did my M.Tech from IIT Kanpur and B.E(Mechanical Engineering) from Anna University.I have 4 years teaching  experience and also i cracked many times in GATE Exams...I can handle VIII to XII ,B.Sc,Diploma and B.E including all subjects like Mechanical Engineering Subjects, Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry,etc. Higher Secondary - XI & XII ( CBSE / State ) ( Accountancy, Business Studies / Commerce, Economics, Business Maths, Mathematics, Tamil )    High School Courses - VI - X ( All Subjects / All Boards). We are running SSR MADE EASY Institute and also we are providing HOME TUTORS.We have more 500 tutors allover chennai..Every tutors having very good experience and very good qualifications..

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My approach will be depend on the student's needs and learning style. However my teaching is based on encouraging students to think for themselves, using real-world examples wherever possible. I usually focus on exam-style or past paper questions in order to check, practice and perfect the student's understanding and technique.

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  • Question: What is the formula for coefficient of restitution?

    Posted in: Physics | Date: 24/10/2015



    When there is a head on Collision between two bodies, the ratio of their relative velocity after collision and their relative velocity before collision is called the Coefficient of restitution.Thus

    e = (v1−v2)/(u1−u2)

    Here, Initial velocity of object 1 = u1, Initial velocity of object 2 = u2, Final Velocity of object 1 = v1, Final Velocity of object 2 = v2.


    For a perfectly elastic collision, the value of e is 1 If 0 < e < 1, then the collision is inelastic.  For a perfectly inelastic collision, e = 0.  If e > 1, then the collision is a super-elastic collision.

  • Answer:



    Pitch is the term we use to describe the psychological sensation or perception of a sound by people.

    Pitch is sometimes confused with frequency, the term we use to describe the physical phenomena of sound energy created by a series of vibrations.


    Loudness is a quality defined as the intensity of sound energy as it comes in contact with an eardrum or other surface. Another term describing loudness is amplitude.


    One caveat before we start! Timbre is the most complex quality of the six to understand, much less teach to someone. It combines the concepts of frequency and loudness through time. There is also an entire set of mathematics that supports these concepts related to the harmonic series. With this in mind here's a go at it...

    The perceived quality of any sound, such as bright or dull, wooden or metallic, etc. is called timbre. Musicians use the term 'tone color' to describe the way instruments sound together or separately. An 18th century scientist, named Joseph Fourier (1768 - 1830), proved mathematically that any sound is actually made up of a set of multiple frequencies called theharmonic series.

  • Question: What is the difference between blood and lymph?

    Posted in: Biology | Date: 24/10/2015



    Blood = Plasma + Cells (RBC’s, WBC’s, Platelets)

    Lymph = Plasma + WBC’s

    Plasma = Water + Nutrients + Waste products + Gases (i.e. everything except any cell)

                Blood                                                       Lymph

    1. It forms circulatory system                    1. It forms lymphatic system

    2. RBC’s and platelets present                   2. RBC’s and platelets absent

    3. Neutrophils are more                             3. Lymphocytes in largest amount

    4. Soluble proteins in large amount but       4. Soluble proteins in small amount and insoluble                                           insoluble in small amount                          in large amount

    5. Oxygen and nutrients in large amount     5. Carbon-di-oxide in large amount

     but carbon-di-oxide less

    6. It is of red color                                     6. It is colorless


  • Question: Which part of the human brain controls body temperature?

    Posted in: Biology | Date: 30/01/2016


    HI Uttam R

    This is the answer for your question,

    The brain regulates body temperature, keeping it within a narrow range. The consequences when this fails can be life-threatening: elderly people, whose temperature regulation may be impaired, frequently die of heat stroke during heat waves.

    The master temperature controller region in the brain is called the preoptic area. Neurons in this region adjust the balance between heat generation and heat loss from the body, using nerve connections to regulate skin blood flow, sweating and heat generation by specialized fat deposits (brown fat). If temperature falls too low, it also initiates shivering. These mechanisms set body temperature, but not always to an identical level. Our temperature is adjusted to about 1 degree lower at night, for example, and upwards by one or two degrees if we are sick and run a fever. We also know that these nerve cells in the preoptic region take account not only of brain temperature but also of skin temperature.

  • Question: Which day is celebrated as the Human Rights Day?

    Posted in: History | Date: 30/01/2016


    Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on 10 December

  • Question: Which fluid transports fatty acid and glycerol?

    Posted in: Biology | Date: 30/01/2016


    Hi Praveen,

    Most fatty acids and glycerol pass into the lymphatic system and then the bloodstream. Once in the blood nutrients are carried to all cells of the body. Some are oxidised to produce energy and others are used to repair the cell or build new cells

  • Question: What is the micro-organism that causes AIDS?

    Posted in: Biology | Date: 30/01/2016


    Hi ,

    It is actually a VIRUS humano immunodefeciency virus HIV,which later progresses into aids by harming the immune system. Use protection and stay away from sluts

  • Question: What happens when a cell placed in hypotonic solution?

    Posted in: Biology | Date: 30/01/2016


    Hi Kishore K,

    The hypotonic solution has more solvent (Like, let's say, water) than solute (Let's say in this case, salt). So water always wants to move from an area of high concentration to low concentration. Since the extracellular fluid (the fluid outside of the cell) has a higher concentration of water than the cell, the water will move into the cell. The vacuole, where the cell's materials like water are storedwhich also upholds the structure of the cell, will swell up. It will swell until it pops, and when it pops, it ruins the structure of the cell.

  • Question: Who were the leaders of the Khilafat Movement?

    Posted in: History | Date: 30/01/2016



    The decision to call of the disobedience campaign by Gandhi weakened the Hindu-Muslim unity, but the Muslims were determined to carry on with the Khilafat Movement. Unfortunately, they cared more about the fate of the Khalifa than did the new rulers of Turkey. In 1922, the Sultan was deprived of Political power. Two years later, the new ruler of Turkey, Kemal Attaturk abolished the Khilafat and exiled the Khalifa, Muhammad VI. IT made no difference what Indian Muslims or BritishPoliticians wanted. The Turks themselves had abolished the Khilafat. Consequently, the Khilafat Movement in India also came to an End.

    by SanthaKumar S

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Santha Sir is one of the best knowledgeable persons I have ever met. He is a very good and caring teacher and I learned a lot from him. Apart from his excellent teaching, his tips and advice were really helpful for me to build a good career.

Subhadeep Poley

He is a great tutor. As a tutor, he is very calm and patient. He is very cooperative. He knows how to handle student. He taught me all subjects for more than one year.


I took Physics and Chemistry for more than six months from Santhakumar Sir. As a teacher, he is very good and knowledgeable. I like his teaching techniques.


He taught me Computer and Physics for more than a year. He is an excellent teacher. He explains very well and for his effort only I have scored above 90% in my examination.

Aravind Krishnan

Very effective teacher. Patient about listening about the doubts that a student has and clearing them. Makes you write notes for future reference and also helps to retain better. Overall an excellent teacher.


I am Sathish, pursuing my 11th Standard in Kendriya Vidyalaya. I have learned Basics from Santhakumar Sir. The way he explained was very clear.

Haroon Khan

I am in 11th in a central school. No matter how good teachers teach in class, I needed some extra support. Thanks to Santha Kumar sir, he is both an excellent teacher and guide. I have even recommended him to my friends. Thank you very much sir.

Disha Singh

He is an amazing trainer for spoken English. I joined MNC after attending his classes.

Ravi Sharma

Thank you sir for giving the much needed moral boost for understanding chemistry. Unfortunately I didn't had clear basics in 11th chemistry. But now I am quite happy.

Ranjeet Kumar

Sir is very talented and teaches from the basic level. He solves every difficulty I face with the problems and conducts exam one a week. My marks have improved considerably and I have developed a strong foundation in Mathematics.

Ashokan P

Santha Sir is a very good teacher. He explained the concepts in such a way that I could apply the methods to other similar problems with ease. It was a thorough learning process and it helped me score high marks in my 10th and 12th board examinations.


I am Raja, pursuing my 12th Standard in Kendriya Vidyalaya. I have learned Basics from Santhakumar Sir. The way he explained was very clear.

Dr. Manimaran

I am Dr. Manimaran, working in IGCAR. First of all, I would like to thank my son's tutor, Mr. Santhakumar. My son is studying in the 12th standard in British School, affiliated to CBSE board, situated at Anna Nagar, Chennai. Mr. Santhakumar taught him quite well. He was never in a hurry with his teaching and this helped my son to understand all the details of the concepts taught. His teaching approach was very nice.


Hi.My daughter now studying 12th CBSE in Chennai Public School. Mr.SanthaKumar was taught 12th std Physics to my daughter.she understood basic and concept very clearly.Now she preparing for JEE exam.Thank you very much to Mr.SanthaKumar Sir. Wish you all the best for your carrier.

Dineshkumar P.t

I am studying 12 std CBSE board in Chennai public school from Anna Nagar. He is an excellent teacher,i learned many things from him.He taught very slowly and clearly explain basic concepts. Thank you very much.


I got the contact of Mr. Santha Kumar from MyPrivateTutor. He is a very good tutor. He is extremely talented. He taught me while I was in my 12th standard. He made my basics strong and clear.

M Murugan

I am studying in 12th standard. I scored well in my exams. I also received very good knowledge from Mr.SanthaKumar

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