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Basic Computer / Office Tutor

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Qualification :
  • M.Tech (Banasthali Vidyapeeth University - 2012)
  • B.Tech/B.E. (Maharishi Dayanand University - 2010)
  • 12th (HAL School korwa - 2006)
  • Total Experience:
    5 Years
  • Hourly Fees:
    INR 50
Tutoring Experience :

I'm an MTech degree holder in Computer Science with 5 years of teaching experience. I have expertise in all engineering subjects related to Computer/IT stream. I have also sound experience in teaching computer languages like Java, C, C++, web technology, Mathematics from 6th standard till engineering.

Tutoring Option :
I Can Manage Both
Tutoring Approach :

I have teaching experience in Engineering college of A level and my technique will be simple and will provide notes also to the students.

Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics Computer Science School level computer CBSE INR 50 / Hour
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE GATE Exam INR 200 / Hour
Engineering Subjects Mathematics Computer IT INR 100 / Hour
Competitive Exams PSU Exam INR 250 / Hour
Web Technologies Java Script Web CMS INR 50 / Hour
Basic Computer / Office Basic Computer Computer for official job School level computer MS Office INR 50 / Hour

9 Presentations prepared by me

  • Deep Web Technology

    12 times downloaded

  • Optical Character Recognition

    49 times downloaded

  • Cybercrime

    28 times downloaded

  • Blue Eye Technology

    338 times downloaded

  • Semantic Web

    23 times downloaded

  • Computer Networks

    4 times downloaded

  • Object Oriented Concepts

    15 times downloaded

  • Client Server Communication And Servlets

    Not Downloaded Yet

  • Introduction To Search Engine

    3 times downloaded

  • Answer:

    I will take a very common analogy of human body to explain these two different concepts.Our outside appearance includes our height,color or weight etc. No one is able to see what is going inside out body like what our heart is doing or what our mind is doing. So, this outer appearance is data abstraction which means you can see only general things about any partticular entity(human body). But our body includes our heart,mind,liver etc and because of that only we are looking like what we are and no one is able to see it.This is encapsulation which means some things(mind,liver,heart etc) put together to make a entity(human body). So, if we are not doing encapsulation we will not be able to use the concept of abstraction. You can apply the same concet with data items as well which is data abstraction and data encapsulation.

  • Question: Why do we need protocols?

    Posted in: Computer | Date: 01/02/2017


    Protocols means any set of guidelines which are intended to guide some task.Like if we are going to deliver a lecture we must follow some protocols like we will tell our students that at this particular time i will giving my lecture. Before going to class i must prepare that lecture thoroughly. What if I am not doing so, definately my lecture will not end in a good note. My students will not be able to understand their doubts clearly.So, we need to follow protocols before doing any task.

  • Question: Name some non-linear data structures.

    Posted in: MCA Subjects | Date: 02/02/2017


    If from one node you can reach to multile nodes then it in non linear data structure.Some exmaples are graph and trees.

  • Answer:

    Linear data structures are the structures in which elements form a sequence.It has four important operations

    1)Traversal-To reach to every element exactly once.

    2)Searching-To serach for a partucular element.

    3)Insertion-To insert an element.

    4)Deletion-To delete an element.

  • Answer:

    OSI model stands for Open Systems Interconnection.Basically it is used for making users understand the concept of networking.There are many background actions which take place when a message travels from sender to receiver.This series of actions are defined into different layers which from the basis of OSI model.Each layer has a predefined set of functions and all layers are responsible for the complete process.

  • Question: What is Java Script?

    Posted in: Java Script | Date: 17/02/2017


    JavaScript is a programming language commonly used in web development. It was originally developed by Netscape as a means to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites. While JavaScript is influenced by Java, the syntax is more similar to C and is based on ECMAScript, a scripting language developed by Sun Microsystems.

  • Question: What is RDBMS?

    Posted in: DBMS & RDBMS | Date: 17/02/2017


    A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a program that lets you create, update, and administer a relational database. Most commercial RDBMS's use the Structured Query Language (SQL) to access the database, although SQL was invented after the development of the relational model and is not necessary for its use.

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Anjali Sharma

I like her way of teaching. Her way of teaching is easily understandable.


The way she teaches is amazing. The study material that she provides is very helpful.

Rishav Daruka

She is a nice teacher. She explains very well.


I like the way Anuja ma'am teaches us.The best quality of Anuja ma'am is. She concentrates more on practical works then theory. She concentrates more on solving numerical problems.

Deepika Dhammi

She teaches us very well. I don't think so any teacher put more efforts on teaching process theory as well as practical part. she helps us to reach our goal, she gives right views whatever we will ask related to our goals.


The Explanatory Methods and Examples are really helpful. She explains very well.


I took tuition classes for C C++ and Java. She is a very good teacher. She teaches very well.

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