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I will plan my lessons to make fundamentals clear and distinct and building the lessons from beginning by suitable example and exercises. I believe once the foundation is strong, the student would found the advanced topics easier to grab and excel.

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Home Tuition Only
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My focus will be not on just completing the homework or the lessons but will teach till the concepts are clear in a student's mind because for me cramming is not right. Only when a concept is clear in a student's mind he or she can attempt the question anytime anywhere.

Class 1 - 5 All Subjects All Boards INR 5000 / Hour
Class 9 - 10 Accountancy Economics Commerce Subjects Social Studies NIOS INR 6000 / Hour
Class 11 - 12 Accountancy Economics Business Studies Business Organisation All Boards INR 6500 / Hour
MBA & BBA Management Subjects BBA Subjects INR 8500 / Hour
Class 6 - 8 Accountancy Economics Social Studies All Boards INR 5500 / Hour

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  • Answer:

    the man is the lady husband of that lady

  • Answer:

    1. Planning is futuristic. It aims to look into future, analyse it and predict it to the best advantage of the organisation.

    2. Planning involves decision making. It involves proper and careful analysis of various alternatives and selecting the best possible alternative.

    3.Planning is a continuous process due to ever changing environment it becomes a continuous responsibiity of management.

    4. Planning is pervasive as it is required at all the levels and in all the departments of an organisation.

    5.Planning is a primary function of an organisation as it lays down a base for other functions of an organisation.

  • Question: What is Separate Entity Concept?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 18/09/2017


    seperate entity means that a business has a seperate entity from its owner i.e all the expenses and incomes of the business should be recorded seperately from the owner's personal account. It also states that death or retirement of the owner or partner doesnt mean that the business is closed. 

  • Question: Is Depreciation an expense?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 18/09/2017


    yes depreciation is a non cash expense as it records the wear and tear of the machinery which is an assest to a company. Each depreciation decreases the re sale value of the machinery which can becounted as an expense to the company

  • Question: What is the journal entry of Bad Debt?

    Posted in: Accountancy | Date: 18/09/2017


    bad debts a/c       dr

      to debtor a/c

  • Question: How do we define the term Equilibrium?

    Posted in: Economics | Date: 18/09/2017


    equilibrium is a state in which the demand of the particular product is equal to the supply of that product. It is a position in which there is no excess demand or supply

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