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MPT 12639
Female, 48 Years
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Harshada T

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  • Experience:I have been teaching all subjects of class I - X of all boards and Mathematics for XI and XII. I have been teaching these subjects  for last 14 years. I teach Spanish language , level basic and advanced, for last 4 years... More [+]
  • Qualification:B.Tech/B.E., Diploma, Not Applicable, B.A
  • Board:All Boards
  • Pincode:411007
Teaches: All Subjects, Physics, Mathematics, Algebra, IT, Spanish, Marathi

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  • Class 1 - 5
    • All Subjects
  • Class 9 - 10
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Qualification :

B.Tech/B.E. IST, Pune 2000
Diploma SPPU 2016
Not Applicable B2 DELE 2017
B.A SPPU 2017

Total Experience :

14 Years

I have been teaching all subjects of class I - X of all boards and Mathematics for XI and XII. I have been teaching these subjects  for last 14 years. I teach Spanish language , level basic and advanced, for last 4 years.

Tutoring Option:

Online Tuition Only

Tutoring Approach :

I approach tutoring in such a way that I show the students the basics, and then give them a variety of practice exercises and urge them figure out the answers themselves. If in doubt, I would keep prompting them to find the right answers thereby helping them to grasp the right concepts.

Hourly Fees [INR]:


Tuition Schedule :

  • Sunday


  • Monday


  • Tuesday


  • Wednesday


  • Thursday


  • Friday


  • Saturday


Class 1 - 5 All Subjects, All Boards, English Medium INR 400.00 /hour
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics, Physics, All Boards, All Medium INR 400.00 /hour
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics, Algebra, All Boards, English Medium INR 400.00 /hour
Engineering Subjects Mathematics, IT INR 400.00 /hour
Languages Spanish, Marathi INR 400.00 /hour
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics, Physics, All Subjects, All Boards INR 400.00 /hour
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Notes written by me [1]

Spanish For Beginners
  • File(s) contain : 1
2 times downloaded

Efforts for Vocabulary Development using games.

  • Answers

Answered by me [2]

  • Let him read the paragraph once and tell him to write whatever he remembers.

    Again second time ask him to read and write whatever points were left.

    Continuation of this process will increase his understanding  as well as memory skill. 

  • The answer is 24 degrees.

    The rule that we have to ue is sum of all angles in a triangle is 180 degrees.

    In bigger triangle, we have two angles as 91 and 41 degrees. Hence third angle is 45 degrees. ( 180 - 94 - 41 )

    In smaller triangle, 45 and 111 are the ...

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  • My daughter was in Spanish ab intio student. Harshada is very sincere and hard-working , has a very nice style of teaching,she provided good material and ensured my daughter was on track with her course. We wish her all the best for her future. I would recommend her to other students who want to learn Spanish
    Reviewed by: Sangeeta Talghatti
  • Harshada Ma'am is simply the best. She didn't just teach, she mentored. With her guidance, seemingly difficult things became easy. She taught me to keep trying and to never to lose hope. She gave me wings and taught me to fly.
    Reviewed by: Arnab
  • Greetings, I am very fortunate , I got to know Madame , She has taught me Marathi Language , I belong to Kashmir, I have to work in Maharashtra, with all her dedication and sincerity she has made me so confident that now I can freely communicate, read as well as write Marathi.
    Reviewed by: Sheetal Koul
  • Ma'am taught me the Marathi language for more than three months. She is a wonderful teacher and also very dedicated.
    Reviewed by: Sheetal Kaul
  • She is an amazing teacher. I took Spanish classes from her for more than four months. She teaches very well. I am satisfied by the way she teaches and I have improved a lot.
    Reviewed by: Viraj Noel
  • She is a very good tutor. She is very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Her way of explaining lessons is simple and easily understandable.
    Reviewed by: Joanna Chettiyar
  • Harshada-Mam had home tutored for us last year. We find all the attributes of good teacher in her, be it Patience, Knowledge, Temperament, Discipline and Passion for teaching. She has a very adaptive teaching style and adapts as per her pupils needs. This was reflected in improvement in her students scores. Above all, what we like most about her (and was very important attribute for us) is that she treats her students very affectionately, with respect and really cares about them.
    Reviewed by: Sandeep Dashotter

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